Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Saturday June 2

Starting a post for Saturday?

I believe Kevin will be running on the 9th, so we need to entertain ourselves without him again. Hopefully Dwight can run star wars, otherwise we'll have to think of something else to do (not like we don't have plenty of options).

I've got beef for dinner.

Saw the Han Solo movie on Monday. Just OK.

Maybe the new Star Wars book will be out tomorrow for me to pick up at the game store (assuming I get out of work early enough to get there, but I've been lucky in the regard lately). Supposedly will have Alchemy in it. I'm looking forward to their take on the force prophet.

Monday, May 28, 2018

Memorial Day

Hey Guys,

I don't have any other plans and will be stopping by the store to hang out.  Store is open regulars (just checked).  Should be there around 4pm.  Hope to see you.

Monday, May 21, 2018

Saturday, May 26th

Hey guys.

Well, Kevin brought us a fight and we eventually took care of it.  It was a long fight and a very good one.  He says we have a month of downtime to sell and craft items.  Remember, I have an NPC that can craft just about anything, even technology and cybernetics and can basically keep making things and if Kevin is ok with this, "hand" deliver the items to us if we happen to leave while it is still under construction.

This coming week I believe Dwight said that he can continue his Star Wars game.  Not sure where or what we were doing when we last left our merry band of whatever we ares'. 

Who can be there this weekend?

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Sat the 19th

Hey Guys,

I'm back this Saturday to continue running Pathfinder.  The party has made excellent progress through the complex and has eliminated most of the evil brain-collecting aliens.  But you still need to find the missing AI Casandalee and defeat the remaining aliens.  And of course the final aliens will be the most dangerous, nasty, and warped monstrosities your DM can devise.

The party should finally finish up the module on Sat (yay!)  All PC's are 13th level and should be leveled by Saturday.   Be ready for a tough session (of course a few crits with a firearm could make the game go a lot quicker than anticipated).  Who can be there this weekend?  See you Sat.

Monday, May 07, 2018

Saturday, May 12th

Hey everybody.  Hope we all had a good time last weekend with Kevin running his game.  Sorry Dwight was not able to attend.  Hope you are better this week and can come out and play.

So, don't know what was said at the end of last week before Kevin went to nap time, so, don't know if he will be running or not.  I'd guess he isn't, but I don't know these things.  If he is, then he will make a post about what will happen to us this week.  If not, then it will fall onto Dwight (if he can make it) or Terry.  Or, we can just play board/card games.

So, who will be running?

And who will be attending?  Remember, please post early on this so Terry knows what needs to be done for food stuff.

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