Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Saturday, Sept 27th

Ok, so, Kevin hasn't posted yet and he did say last weekend that his schedule has gotten much busier than normal.  So, I decided to start the post this week.

Kevin said that he would continue to run Shattered Star this coming Saturday after a much fun filled adventure into the newest town for us to arrive at.  Who can be there?

I have to work, so, it will be around 4:30 before I can get there.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Sept 20th

Hey Guys,  

Hope you had fun over the past couple weeks while I was gone.  Did you just play Rifts or do something else as well??  I'm suffering from dice withdrawal . . . .  it's gotten so bad I am typing this with one and rolling a d20 with the other.   Sigh . . . .

So this week I'd like to continue with Pathfinder and the search for the next shard of the Sihedron.  You have traveled to strange and exotic Kaer Maga, the City of Strangers (very strange people -- zombie hookers, troll augurs who read their own innards, and bloat mages to name a few).  There is no Pathfinder lodge in town, so the party will be on its mostly.  The Society does have a few contacts in town, which you can use (manipulate, coerce, or intimidate might be more exact) to find some rumors and perhaps the odd sidejob.  So who can be there this Saturday???

Remember, all PC's should be 9th level by now.

Monday, September 08, 2014

Saturday, Sept 13th

Ok, so, Kevin believes that he will still be out this weekend.  He wont really know until, I'm guessing, Saturday.  So, in belief that Kevin will not be here, I'm guessing Terry will run Rifts again.  We had some long fights there in that first battle and some interesting results.

So, who can be there?  I have to work, so, it will be around 4:30 pm before I get there.

Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Sat, Sept 6th

Ok, so, we went to the store and played some Runebound.  We never got to finish it, but since Kevin was the only one that had a dragon, he was declared the winner.  We spent about 3 hours playing it.

So, everybody knows that Kevin will be gone this weekend and possibly the next.  He said he wont know about next weekend until that day.  So, lets just plan on two weeks worth of Terry running things, most likely Rifts.

Who can be there?  I don't have to work, but if my gas holds out, I should be there.

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