Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Sat the 30th

Hey Guys,

At long last, Matt got to face his favorite monster, the hillbilly ogres.  Straight from the mountains of West Virginia, . . . . . err Golarion, come the nasty, brutish, and freakishly ugly ogres.  Too much inbreeding with these creatures, that bloodline really needs to be thinned out some.  And these are just the smaller one, wait til you meet their bigger cousins.

Ok this weekend I will be moving furniture (fun!!) and probably be unable to attend.  I hope you guys have a good time and see you the first Sat in April.


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Sat the 23rd

Hey Guys,

Just a quick post.  Hope you had fun last weekend.  So what happened??  More trading of the rogues or running in the shadows??

This Saturday I'd like to continue with Pathfinder.  I've had to rework some stuff for Freeport, so I'm not ready to run that yet, but I definitely want to continue with Pathfinder in the meantime.  And I have finished the sales list, so I'll give it to Paul as soon as I see him.  Who can make it this Saturday??

Wed the 20th

Kind of a spur of the moment post.  I have off tonight since I'm on vacation and my original plans have been postponed.  So I wanted to know if anyone wanted to hang out at the store tonight.  I tried to text or call Matt and Paul, but that didn't work so I'm posting here.  I plan on stopping by the store around 5 or 530 to check out the new location, just wanted to see if anybody else might be interested.  You can post here, text, or call me.


Monday, March 11, 2013

Sat 16th of March

Ok, guys.  Kevin said that he would not be making it for this Saturday, so, I took it upon myself to start a new post in case Kevin did not get around to doing it.  We had fun this past Saturday and thanks to Kevin for running and Terry for hosting and cooking up some good food.  We ran into a snake woman at the top of a tower and took her out and all her cronies, along with a flesh golem.  We got some new gear to distribute and I need to go and make up a selling list for us to look over this coming Saturday, if I can get around to it.

This coming Saturday, Terry will be picking up the GMing while Kevin is away.  We did a little with Rogue Trader after Kevin finished and we have to deal with personal purchases when we start back up this weekend.  But, bring both your Rogue Trader character and your Shadowrun character, as we never know which we will be playing.

Who can make it?

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Sat the 9th

Hey Guys,

It's good to be back and causing all sorts of mayhem.  The party managed to finish exploring the haunted house and has followed clues to the city of Magnimar.  And of the party gets into trouble, fighting a pair of faceless abberations and disrupting a murderous cult ceremony.  Hope everyone had fun, thanks to Terry for hosting and for dinner.

This week I'm going to continue with Pathfinder.  I've had to readjust some things for Freeport, so I'm not ready to run it yet.  Barry won't be back til July probably, so I have make allowances for a few things.  Plus, the party is almost at the end of the 2nd module for Runelords and I really want to finish it.  Cuz then the fun really starts.  Who can be there this weekend??

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