Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Sat the 31st

Hey Guys,

Long time no see, hope everything is going well for you.  I'm allowed off my leash this Sat, so I'm back and ready to run Pathfinder again.  We'll be continuing where the party left off in the Fungus caves. 

To recap, the party is still looking for the missing AI in the Scar of the Spider.  You finally met the 4-armed lady, an alien name Isuna.  She is willing to work with the PC's, provided they are more skillful than other strange 2-handed travelers (androids and Technic League minions) she had encountered in the valley.  The party defeated a strange ooze creature and recovered some valuable supplies and equipment left by a group of Technic League stooges destroyed by the ooze creature.  Currently the party and Isuna  are raiding the stronghold of group of brain harvesting plant creatures to salvage more gear weapons before assaulting the lair of the annihilator robot, and its masters.   

I know this is a holiday weekend, so some of you may be out of town.  I can adjust and only need 3 people to run.  So who will be there this Saturday??

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Saturday, March 24th

Talked to Kevin and he said that the next time he will be running, definitely, would be March 31st.  So, this coming weekend it should be open to whomever wants to run or we can do something else.

So, what are we doing and who will be there?

Sunday, March 11, 2018

So propably quitting SW again.

So Dwight has again declared that anyone with sealed armor is immune to my pressure point attack. This means that my strongest combat talent can be negated in its entirety by someone who spends 1,000 credits upgrading his armor. Since no one else loses a combat talent, much less their most important and character-defining talent, to a 1,000-credit upgrade rendering them completely unable to participate in combat, I quit... Again.

I can't find a reason to continue playing my medic-tank if all important fights see my damage dropped to 5 or more points below anyone else, making it hopeless for me to help in the least. I already rarely even hit, and the damage bonus from pressure point is the only way I can equal the damage of the other characters which makes engaging in melee combat at least not disastrously harmful to the rest of the group. Otherwise against people in "sealed" armor cannot be hurt by my current attacks, and even after hundred of more experience point when I can add another five point to damage, my damage output will only be half of what Paul's and Curtis' character can put out, making it truly pointless for my character to even get into the fight (my character getting into the fight will actually make things worse for the party if my damage is pointless).

Tuesday, March 06, 2018

Saturday, March 10th

This week I believe that Kevin is still out.  I can't remember, so, at least have his character sheet ready if he does say he will be running.  Otherwise, I believe it should be Terry running his Iron Kingdoms' game, since Dwight wants a week in between him running so he can prepare.  Hope everybody enjoyed the 120 xp we got last week.  Don't spend it all in one place.

So, who will be there this week? 

And lets pray to the power gods that Terry's power stays on for him this week and so forth.

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