Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Saturday, November 26th

I hope everybody is doing good and nobody is in the hospital.  So, this Saturday not sure who is doing what or where everybody is going to be, so, lets sound off what we do know.

Matt is going back home to Jersey to have Thanksgiving with family.

Rob is going back home to Pittsburgh to have Thanksgiving with family.

That is all that I really know.  So, lets hear from others on what people are doing and if we are going to get together on Saturday.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Terry's alive and kicking... and screaming!

So I got home around 3pm on Monday. Hoping to go back to work on Wednesday. Still in pain, and it turns out much of that isn't really due to the surgery or complications. I get a lot of long-lasting muscle-pain when I spend too much time on my back. This pain starts in my back, and gets into my lower abdomen and sometimes my shoulders. On Saturday and Sunday mornings, this frequently gets me out of bed before noon. Getting up right when it starts and moving around is the only real solution, or I can be in pain for days. When I'm drugged up on three different narcotic pain killers, I'm not able to think clearly enough to remember the cause of the pain, so for the doctors, nurses and myself, the extra pain that is really hard to drug away (hence three different narcotics that weren't lasting very long) is just my own personal bad reaction to the surgery. So that pain is about half of my pain now, but since I know now what the problem is, it will be manageable. Most importantly, I know if I do take a narcotic pain killer, then I need to get into a much more comfortable position than laying on my back (I spent the last two nights trying to sleep in the chair in my room, only using the bed for a couple naps during the day). Basically, my lack of a regular doctor who might have know about my personal issues may have been able to assist in dealing differently. Wouldn't have made my hospital stay any shorter, just less painful. The surgeon was worried about bile leaking into my abdomen, so Sunday night they scheduled a test to determine that, and let me go shortly after determining that wasn't the case. Still in pain, but otherwise well. Hope to see everyone this Saturday.

Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Saturday, November 12th

Ok, so, its Wednesday, the election is over and hopefully all this craziness will be over.

As for our gaming, Kevin said that he should be available to run, but, we are just waiting to hear from Terry about his surgery and if we are good to go for his house to game or if we will end up going to the store to play board games or whatnot.

So, who will be available to do stuff on Saturday?

Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Sat the 5th

Hey Guys,

Finally the party gets a chance to rest.  After all you've encountered, evil elves, mutated aberrations, and finally an uber dragon, the party has some well deserved downtime.  6 months while you take care of and wait for the dragon egg to hatch.  So I hope you have some plans for your off time.

The party has several months before the next adventure. Time to rest, reequip, and maybe create some items.  How much money can you spend??   Still working on that, will get the sales list up soon as I can.  Also, advance your characters to 14th level.  And yes I know, that means Matt has access to a new level of spells to annoy the DM with.  Ohh, the things I have to suffer through . . . . .

So this Saturday I'd like to run Pathfinder.  If there are any expensive items you are interested in, let me know here or by email so I can see if they are available (expensive being anything 25000 gp and up).   The party has access to larger markets now, I just need to make sure whether certain items can be found.  So who can make it this Saturday??

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