Monday, November 14, 2016

Terry's alive and kicking... and screaming!

So I got home around 3pm on Monday. Hoping to go back to work on Wednesday. Still in pain, and it turns out much of that isn't really due to the surgery or complications. I get a lot of long-lasting muscle-pain when I spend too much time on my back. This pain starts in my back, and gets into my lower abdomen and sometimes my shoulders. On Saturday and Sunday mornings, this frequently gets me out of bed before noon. Getting up right when it starts and moving around is the only real solution, or I can be in pain for days. When I'm drugged up on three different narcotic pain killers, I'm not able to think clearly enough to remember the cause of the pain, so for the doctors, nurses and myself, the extra pain that is really hard to drug away (hence three different narcotics that weren't lasting very long) is just my own personal bad reaction to the surgery. So that pain is about half of my pain now, but since I know now what the problem is, it will be manageable. Most importantly, I know if I do take a narcotic pain killer, then I need to get into a much more comfortable position than laying on my back (I spent the last two nights trying to sleep in the chair in my room, only using the bed for a couple naps during the day). Basically, my lack of a regular doctor who might have know about my personal issues may have been able to assist in dealing differently. Wouldn't have made my hospital stay any shorter, just less painful. The surgeon was worried about bile leaking into my abdomen, so Sunday night they scheduled a test to determine that, and let me go shortly after determining that wasn't the case. Still in pain, but otherwise well. Hope to see everyone this Saturday.

Glad everything is working correctly and that you are home and doing as well as can be expected. Hope everything calms down and your pain goes away. See ya on Saturday.
Terry -- Very glad to hear you came through the surgery ok and are now at home. Unfortunately I won't be able to make it this week due to some other plans. On the other hand, I got a new computer, a refurbished one that doesn't have the internet dropping problem that has been hampering me for 2 months. Hope you guys have fun this weekend and take care of yourself sir.
Ok, I'll be there, just late because of work. Are we playing at Terry's, whatever we end up doing, or are we going to the store tomorrow??
I was planning on you guys being at my place. Not yet ready to run, but maybe I can finish the next scene by 2pm tomorrow.
Do we need to bring dinner?
Since its going to be a small group, we'll have cheesesteaks for dinner. I need some rolls to serve them on. I'll cook some ground beef as a backup.
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