Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Saturday, July 13th

Ok, so, we had another fun filled Saturday in the lands of L5R.  We didn't kill so many things this weekend, but we did seem to travel a lot.  We are back behind the walls and chasing down some, I haven't a clue what they are called, I'll just called them zombies.  It seems Terry took one route, while the rest of us took a different route.  I'll guess we will meet in the middle when we start this Saturday.

Who will be there?  Lets try again to be early.

Friday, July 05, 2019

Saturday, July 6th

Ok, quick post.  Gaming tomorrow.  Should be Curtis's L5R. Who can be there. Let's try to be early so we can get more done.

Tuesday, July 02, 2019

Thursday, July 4th

Hey guys.  So, this week is short for some of us.  Thursday brings about a holiday for many of us, or does it bring it for all of us?  I don't know how it works for our government non-government (or would that be non-government government) workers (Terry, Matt and Rob).  I'm off Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, so, I have a very long weekend of doing absolutely nothing and I'm going to become very bored.  So, who can do anything on the 4th?  If we can get people together, where would we do anything (is the store open on the 4th if Terry is busy?)? 

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Saturday, June 29th

Ok, so, we had another fun filled weekend.  We visited two worlds.  First, we traveled back to our old stomping grounds of Golarion with the Pathfinder card game that Curtis brought.  For our first time, we lost.  But, we learned how to play the game and those of us that might want to play different classes if we play it again will have to look at purchasing the card decks at the store.

Then, we finally traveled through the gate and ended up back in L5R.  We are in the badlands and decided to help the ratlings take over Haruma (?) Palace/Keep/Castle/whatever.  We came in through some tunnels under it and found ourselves in the midst of a massive battle against two groups of goblins/Oni/Ogres and the goblins were never ending.  After some meandering around and playing with tar and fire, we finally started attacking the Oni and taking them out one by one.  Eventually, we got rid of them and the goblins and ogres.

So, I believe this week Curtis was going to run L5R again, with or without a stopover on Golarion, I'm not sure.  How will be there?

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Saturday, June 22nd

Ok, we had a great run with Kevin last weekend.  We killed a lot of robots/constructs and we even got rid of Deacon (or whatever his name was).  Now we are surrounded by gargoyles and easily strolling through them.  So, next time for Kevin is supposed to be like July 20th.  But, time will tell.

This weekend we are back to either Curtis or Terry running.  I believe Curtis said that he would be running, but, bring both characters just in case.  But, if neither wants to run, I finally got my 5-6 character expansion for the Shadowrun game and I dropped it off at Terry's last weekend.  So, we can play that if we want too.  But, with so many players, it can take several hours to play just one game, even with most of knowing what we are doing and even with us starting with 20,000 nuyen to start us off.  But, we have all night to do whatever we want to do. 

So, who will be coming?

Monday, June 10, 2019

Saturday, June 15th

Ok, so, decided to start this post earlier in the week so we can get the ball rolling, if anybody wants to start posting early.  Last week we had Curtis running his L5R game and if memory serves me correctly, we proceeded once again over the wall into the badlands.  I think Terry teleported us over it and we were accompanying some ratlings that had come looking for some help, or something like that.  We have been fighting a lot of goblins over the course of the night, killing a few dozen here and there.

So, this week I think Curtis said that he can run again, keeping us in the badlands killing more goblins and maybe even facing the white goblin elemental samurai master that we saw the first night that was hinted that was too tough for us.

Who will be there?  I believe Matt should be back from his hiatus this week, unless something else came up for him.

Wednesday, June 05, 2019

Saturday, June 8th

Ok, so, another week in a galaxy far, far away and we got to kill, finally, some stealth troopers.  Of course, it wasn't until -after- they revealed theirselves and everything hit the fan that we found them and all the robots starting going crazy and so did they. 

So, this week Curtis said that he should be able to run his game, although, I just wish we would just run one game for a long stretch and get a lot accomplished instead of just doing a couple of sessions done and then switching to another game and then a couple of sessions in that game and then switching back to the previous game or to another one or whatever.  I just breaks the immersion of the game when we keep switching from one game to another.

Who will be there this week?  I know Matt said he would not be there again this week.

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