Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Saturday, December 16th

Ok, Kevin has stated that he will not be able to run his game this Saturday  Maybe the following Saturday, but, that is the 23rd and some of our players will probably be home for the holidays.  So, that would mean that Matt, Rob and possibly Dwight will not be around and that would just leave Terry, Curtis and myself, which isn't much of a team to run through some heavy stuff.

As for this Saturday, Terry mentioned that he would like for Dwight to start his Star Wars campaign.  I'm still not sure 500 credits is enough to get any kind of gear.  At least with D&D/Pathfinder, gear is priced low enough that you can get a weapon, armor, probably another weapon or two and then minor gear (backpack, waterskins, flint & steel, pouches, etc).  However, with Edge of the Empire, here is the pricelist for some pistols:

Holdout Blaster - 200 credits
Light Blaster Pistol - 300 credits
Blaster Pistol - 400 credits
Heavy Blaster Pistol - 700 credits

And lets not even get into blaster rifles, they are way too expensive.  Now, armor:

Adverse Environment Gear - 500 credits
Heavy Clothing - 50 credits
Padded Armor - 500 credits

And that is just what can be purchased with 500 credits.  There are several more, but they are way outside our purchasing price of 500 credits.  Now for some standard gear:

Handheld Comlink (short range) - 25 credits
Electrobinoculars - 250 credits
General Purpose Scanner - 500 credits
Hand Scanner - 100 credits
Emergency Medpac - 100 credits
Medpac - 400 credits
Stimpack - 25 credits
Slicer Gear - 500 credits
Backpack - 50 credits
Climbing Gear - 50 credits
Datapad - 75 credits
Emergency Repair Patch - 25 credits each
Extra Reloads (blaster weapons) - 25 credits each
Fusion Lantern - 150 credits
Tool Kit - 350 credits
Utility Belt - 25 credits.

And lets not even get into how much a multi-person starship would cost.  I can guarantee it is a LOT more than 500 credits.

So buying gear is very expensive with just 500 credits to spend.

Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Zombies Make Poor Minions

Zombies make excellent cannon fodder, but very poor minions.  Why do you ask?  Let's see.  One they require directions for every little action, or else they just stand there.  Two, they have a tendency to start fires,  usually by acciden.  Three, things keep dropping in their prescence; dodging falling containers of dog food is no fun and potentially lethal.  And four, absolutely no sense of humor.   So do yourself a favor, never hire discount zombies to work for you.

And that preceding paragraph has nothing to do with Pathfinder, but real life instead.   Two and a half more weeks, just two and a half more weeks I have to keep reminding myself.  On the plus side, this means I am SO looking forward Pathfinder this Saturday.  So yes, I'm back this weekend abuse your PC's, err, run Pathfinder.  The party is ready to enter the mysterious wizard's tower in search of the missing body of the android Casandalee.  The PC's need the vital info hidden in the androids memory, but need to defeat the denizens of the tower first.  Who will be there this Sat??

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Dec the 2nd

Hey Guys,

Just starting a post for this weekend.  First, I'm alive and sane despite the season (notice I didn't mention sober).  I'm out again this week due to family, but I will be back the following Sat.  Just be warned, the DM will most likely be cranky and bloodthirsty . . . . . then again, that's me anyway.  Hope you guys have fun this weekend and see you soon.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Thursday, November 23rd, Turkey Day

Come one, come all...well, it just probably going to be a couple of us, but, Terry has offered us Turkey Day dinner.  He has a lot of food planned and I don't remember what all he said he will have for Turkey Day dinner. 

Who will be able to attend?

I'll publish another post after Thursday (or maybe even after I get to Terry's on Thursday) about if we are going to do anything on Saturday.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Sat the 18th

Sorry for the late post, looooonnnnnggg week.  I was going to try to run this weekend, but something has come up. So I will be out this week and then the next two weekends for family stuff.  Will be back on Dec 9th to run Pathfinder.  Have until I see you next.

Thursday, November 09, 2017

Sat the 11th

Hey Guys,

I'm back this weekend to run Pathfinder.  It's been a while since we played, so I'm rehash some  things and fast forward others. 

Originally, the party had saved the town of Torch in Numeria from takeover by the a group of tech-loving cultists.  Following rumors, the party tracked the base of the cult to the region known as Scrapwall.  After investigating and fighting other strange threats, the party found the cult's stronghold and confronted its leader, the strange technic being known as Hellion.  Hellion turned out to be some kind of intelligent alien technical creation that was preparing to fight an even more powerful technic being called Unity.  Hellion has been attempting to find a third technic being known as Casandalee that may have had information on Unity's weaknesses.  However Casandalee had vanished decades ago with only slight clues as what may have happened to her.

Following what slight information there is led the party to the tech-fearing town of Iavandeleigh.  The town distrusts tech so much that there is an impaled robot outside the main gate as a warning.  However prominent members of the town council have information that a spy from the  dreaded Technic League may be in town and pursuing the same info as the PC's.  The evil Technic League has a sinister interest in obtaining all things alien and tech, so finding Casandalee would be a huge boon for them.   However, the party is able to flush out the Technic league spy, a half elf name Ilarris who was posing as a traveling Varisian dancer, when they discover her harboring an old enemy of the party, Garmen Ulreth from Torch.  Garmen and Ilarris escape, but the party secures the trust of suspicious town council.  Upon doing so, the town leaders reveal that there are rumors of strange ruins beneath the town.  They ask only that the PC's " remain quiet about the ruins so as to avoid spreading fear among Iadenveigh’s citizens, and that if there is some sort of danger represented in the ruins, the PCs will neutralize it." And promise a great reward if the party succeeds.

So that's where the adventure stands.  The party is 8th level and should be rested, equipped, and ready to explore the strange ruins.  Who will be there Sat??

Thursday, November 02, 2017

Sat the 4th

Hey Guys,

"Long tide, no sea."  As the beach said to the ocean.

Ok, bad jokes aside, it's been awhile, hope y'all have been having fun while I've been away.  Won't bore you with details now, have to fill you in next time we get together.  Speaking of which, I'm out again this weekend.  But I will be back on the 11th to run Pathfinder.  Have fun with whatever you do this weekend and see you the following Sat.

So who will be there this week and what will you guys be doing??

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