Thursday, September 28, 2017

Sat the 30th

Hey Guys,

Hope you had fun last weekend; I did, but we already talked about that.  This week I'm running Pathfinder with  an interesting side quest.  Hope you are restocked and ready for new enemies to destroy.  Who will be there this weekend??

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Saturday, Sept 23rd

Ok, heard from Kevin.  He will not be able to run this weekend.  So, it falls onto Terry, hopefully, to run something this weekend, hopefully his new Iron Kingdoms campaign.  Hopefully, if you are able to, please make sure that you have mostly created your character from what I've talked about in previous posts.  Just something I forgot, Terry has us being in an Cygnarian Unorthodox Team (or something like that).  So, because of that, it has specific classes that you have to choose.  Only one of them, but they do have about six or so that you have to choose.

Who will be there?

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Saturday, Sept, 16th

Ok, so, Kevin said that his Saturdays are up in the air each week now.  He probably wont know, for sure, until Friday or maybe even Saturday each week what he will be able to do.  I'll try to keep on him each week and post what I find out for him, if he can't get on here soon enough to let us know.

So, for what might happen this weekend.  If Kevin does run, he said that we are now 7th level, so PLEASE make sure you have your character leveled up BEFORE you arrive.  We have some new equipment from last week and we should be looking at where some of those items go.  Not sure if we have any downtime to do crafting or not (probably not).

Here is a question I have been wondering for a few weeks.  If I'm holding two weapons (rapier and pistol), but I rarely use the pistol, or I just use one weapon (pistol at range and rapier in melee) but still hold the second weapon in my other hand, am I still considered doing two weapon fighting or do I use the stats for single weapon fighting?

If Kevin can't run, then we have Terry's new Iron Kingdom campaign that he started two weeks ago with just me present.  I've posted how you should create your character in a previous post (it was last week's post), so, if you have the books or can get a hold of a copy, try to get your character mostly created before Saturday.

Who will be showing up?

Thursday, September 07, 2017

Saturday, Sept 9th

I talked to Kevin.  He isn't sure if he can run Saturday or not.  He told me he was 50/50 on running.  He was waiting for someone to text him if he had a family obligation or not.  So, be ready for either Kevin's game or Terry's new Iron Kingdom's game.

For Terry's, if you have the books and want to start making a character up, we are in the Cygnarian military.  One of your classes that you choose has to be one that can control Warjacks.  And because of that, instead of two classes to start with, you will have three.  You will also start out with 12 experience points, so level the character up accordingly.  As for your starting Warjack, wait until you talk with Terry so he can help you with choosing an appropriate one.

For Kevin's, we are somewhere, doing some unconscionable and inconceivable things to the people, androids and monsters of Numenera.

Who will be there and please say if you are coming or not.  Last week Terry didn't know who was coming and made food for like six people and it was only him and me there.

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