Sunday, June 06, 2010

Bug Loot & What next?

Karma: 12

From your initial looting, and what was still left after you went back the next day after school:
12 (now stolen) racing bikes
24 Ares Predators
38 Full clips for ares predators
136 ready-to-sell BTLs
1 Mostly-intact electronics facility (requires 30k nuyen in repairs/spare parts)
56k nuyen worth of raw materials for facility
3 force 6 power foci (orichalcum rings)
3 force 6 combat spell foci (ruby pendant)
2 force 6 weapon foci (jeweled daggers)
2 force 5 weapon foci (simple knives, from the shamans downstairs)
2 force 6 power foci (gold wands topped with scarab beetles)
2 force 6 soldier spirit conjuring foci
2 force 4 health sustaining foci (beetle-shaped belt buckles)
18 SINs from gangers
18k nuyen in certified cred (spread over 18 credsticks)
59k nuyen on single credstick
6 laptop computers
?? Most of the data from computers used in the facility, which have since been wiped/damaged.

So what is next. The electronics facility is really nice, but going to be hard to protect unless you go through the effort to move it. You have a lot of data to sift through and decode. These guys were clearly all beetle shamans, although that doesn't seem to mean much yet, but why were the bugs fighting each other? Since when do bug spirits sell BLTs? Why all of the foci that the shamans weren't using? Why did the shamans have so many foci to begin with?

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