Sunday, July 28, 2013

Saturday, August 3rd

Ok, so, Kevin has told us that he will not be here this Saturday.  So, it will be one of Terry's games, probably Rogue Trader.  He says that we should be able to finish the adventure we are on with the Eldar.  We have a lot of planning to do, so, lets get there as soon as we can and work on the plans.  Unfortunately, I do have to work this weekend, so, I won't be getting there until around 4:30 or so.

Thanks to Terry for hosting this past weekend and for the good food that he fixed for us.  Who will be there on the 3rd?

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Sat the 27th

Hey Guys,

Hope everyone enjoyed last Saturdays session.  The party finished off the vulture man and his minions, freeing the captives and saving Freeport again.  And managed to rescue Finn from a  kidnap/assassination attempt.  Not exactly what I had planned, but then the party has a habit of doing the unexpected (never underestimated an PC with a grudge).   So I'll have to adjust things accordingly, fortunately I have a month or so to come up with something . . . . .

This Saturday I will be in town, the family stuff I mentioned will be taking place another weekend.  So I would like to run Pathfinder again.  The party has been spending time in Jorgenfist  (with shopping trips to Magnimar and other places) gathering info on Thassilon in general and Runelord Karzoug in general.  After several weeks, the party receives an urgent summons to return to Sandpoint.  What troubles are brewing anew in the beleaguered town??

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Sat the 20th

Hey Guys,

Last session was great.  Lots of carnage, lots of loot, and lots of xp.  That was one of the most fun sessions I've run in ages.  Thanks for putting up with the late hours and the mistakes I was making running the NPC's.
Hope you guys had as much fun as I did.  Thanks to Terry for hosting and making dinnner.

This Sat I am actually in town.  My plans have changed a bit, so I have the opportunity to run Freeport and finish the most recent module.  The party is investigating the mysterious disappearances of people in town; so far the party has discovered that a "vulture man" is the likely culprit and are looking for his base.  So who will be there this weekend to finish off the perpetrator and rescue the hostages??

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Sat the 13th

Just a quick post.  I'm running Pathfinder this weekend.  We will likely finish the module, hope everyone can make it.  Who will be there this Sat??

Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Sat the 6th

Hey Guys,

Hope everyone enjoyed last Saturday's game.  The party managed to kill tons of giants (literally I think, creatures that size have to be really heavy) and rescued several hostages.  Should give props to Terry for figuring out the landslide (sliding gravity I think he called it) trap which crushed several giants.  And of course the party continued its tradition of abusing creatures that fly (more flak cannons, when will I learn?)  Thanks to Terry for hosting and providing dinner.

I mentioned getting together on Friday in case anyone is interested.  Paul had already started a separate post for that.  So this Saturday I'd like to continue with Pathfinder.  The party has entered the valley of the Black Tower in search of the giant's mysterious leader.  Who can be there this Saturday??

Friday, July 5th.

Well, Kevin stated that he wanted to get together on this day at the store to play some board games or whatnot.  He has off this day and wanted to get together.  I can make it, who else can make it?  I guess we can meet there, say, around 3pm and see what we have.

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