Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Sat the 20th

Hey Guys,

Last session was great.  Lots of carnage, lots of loot, and lots of xp.  That was one of the most fun sessions I've run in ages.  Thanks for putting up with the late hours and the mistakes I was making running the NPC's.
Hope you guys had as much fun as I did.  Thanks to Terry for hosting and making dinnner.

This Sat I am actually in town.  My plans have changed a bit, so I have the opportunity to run Freeport and finish the most recent module.  The party is investigating the mysterious disappearances of people in town; so far the party has discovered that a "vulture man" is the likely culprit and are looking for his base.  So who will be there this weekend to finish off the perpetrator and rescue the hostages??

Also, I can't find my notes, so I don't know if I gave out xp last time or not. If someone could let me know one or another. If I haven't, I also need to know everyone's level so I can make sure the xp gets awarded correctly.
Ok, I'll be there this Saturday, but I do have to work, so it will be around 4:30 that I'll be getting there.

As for xp, the last recorded amount that I got was 2330, which was just enough to put me into level 14. So, not sure if that would be how much we would have gotten with the last session or not, but that is the last I have recorded on my sheet.
Level 13. Last experience was 2340 (10 point difference might be correcting for an error in the 1960 I spent enchanting). I'm close to 14th.

Haven't figured out what I'm doing for dinner yet.
If I can make it, I may be there on the later side.
Ok, thanks for the updates. The party is 13th to 14th level. Matt, hope you can make it, if not I will adjust things.
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