Monday, December 28, 2015

Sat the 2nd

Quick post.  I should be free this Sat and able to continue with Pathfinder.   New month, new year, and a new adventure.  The party has rescued the prisoners and saved Rybalka, but failed to recapture the artifact stolen from town.  Now the party is ready to rest, re-equip, and head after the Moonstone.  If only things were so easy.  Who will be there this Sat to resume the mayhem??

Wacky Wednesday

Hey Guys,
Posting here on short notice but I just found out last night that I don't have to work Wed night.  Not sure why, but I don't ask when I'm given a free night off.  So since I don't usually have Wed off, I'm looking for something do.  Wanted to know if anybody wants to hang out at the store, get something to eat, see a movie, or whatever.  Not sure who's available Weds.  so post here or email me or text me.  See ya.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Saturday, Dec 26th

Well, one more week of Kevin dealing out his evilness, but we survived, barely,

This week, not really sure what is going on.  I know Matt and Rob said they would be out of town.  I also think Curtis mentioned that he would not be able to play.  So, that leaves Terry, myself, maybe Kevin and maybe Dwight.  If it is just going to be Terry and myself, there really isn't a point in me driving down there just to watch TV, especially since my new TV will be arriving today.  But, if Kevin and/or Dwight can make it, then we can at least play board or card games, which I can show up for.  Who else can make it?

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Sat the 19th

Hi Guys,

Ok, hope you guys had some fun last Sat.  Mine involved lots of time in long lines and trying to figure out what's wrong with my computer again.  Sigh.  Ok, back to fun stuff.  

I'm back in town this weekend and can run Pathfinder on Sat.  The party is closing in on the end of the module and we might be able to finish it this weekend.  So who can be there for the Huge Helsinki??  See ya Sat.

Sunday, December 06, 2015

Saturday, Dec 12th

Kevin said that he would not be able to run on this day, so, it is up to Curtis or Terry to take over.  Curtis said that he would be doing his Imperial Guard game, Only War, for us this weekend.  If he doesn't make it, then Terry will be running his D&D/Pathfinder game.  So, make sure you bring all your characters just in case.

Who will be there?  I have to work, so it will be around 4:30 before I can get there.

Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Sat the 5th

Hey Guys,

Tis the season ....... for suffering, pain, and chaos.  At least on Golarion in the land of the Linnorm Kings, specifically around the village of Rybalka.  The party has managed to track the village raiders to their stronghold in the wilderness and has successfully infiltrated it.  You've already taken out one of the leaders and looted the vaults.  Who says no good deed goes unrewarded??  Now you just need to find the kidnapees and make it back to town safely.  Easier said than done.  Who can make it this weekend??

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