Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Sat the 19th

Hi Guys,

Ok, hope you guys had some fun last Sat.  Mine involved lots of time in long lines and trying to figure out what's wrong with my computer again.  Sigh.  Ok, back to fun stuff.  

I'm back in town this weekend and can run Pathfinder on Sat.  The party is closing in on the end of the module and we might be able to finish it this weekend.  So who can be there for the Huge Helsinki??  See ya Sat.

Beef and french fries for dinner.

Oh, I'll be there, but I do have to work, so will be around 4:30 before I can be there.
Also, advance your characters to 6th level. Merry Early Christmas.
Um... should I consider my character to have met the RP requirements for the first PrC, or just stay at level 5 for now? (needed instructor or book of instructions, instructor who betrays us and we have to kill before level 7 would be ideal (;)), or maybe one who dies tragically but we are prevented from avenging his death )
Terry -- your PC hasn't met an instructor (so far), but did meat a messenger who secretly delivered an instructional manual. So secretly in fact that your PC found the manual in his pack without realizing how it got there. And you haven't told anyone else yet. The wyavarn hasn't had much opportunity to practice yet, but has been glancing at (in secret of course) and is beginning to get a feel for some of it. As for the messenger, it might not be done with the party yet.
Looks like I will be getting there closer to 5 today.
I should be there, and hopefully Dwight and Curtis will be, too.
I might be later than I thought. I just looked out the windows here at the college and there is a total backup of cars. Hopefully it will have cleared, but I doubt it.
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