Sunday, May 17, 2009

Bugs and more bad things. (IC post after Sat 16 game)

A new bug attack for a new year. At least this time, they were true form bus, so they didn't leave messy bodies behind (or is that a bad thing). Its going to take at least a month, if not several, to get the spirit domain you helped Master Ken create back up to rating two. The suffering of families missing member kidnapped by bug spirits has created a lot of negative emotions that is messing with the local mana. Maybe a weaker site isn't a bad thing, or maybe you can use the power to even the odds if you ever take the fight to them.

The one near casualty in the party is still confusing. Lu nearly died (again). This time, an ambulance came for him, among others, but never made it to the hospital. Markus and Radcliff found him wandering around a forest, naked (except for his shirt collar and belt), and covered in blood that turned out to not be his.

His aura has changed, but that's not all. His personality isn't any different, but he eats all the time now. He's never without a snack close at hand, and eats at least twice as much as anyone else at each meal. His aura is stranger though. When he's not masking it, it looks like a small eastern dragon. The awakened instructors are now sending watchers to keep track of the whole group, and you've been told to stop killing them. While its not that had to ditch them in astral space, it takes a little more effort to lose them in meat-space.

Master Ken has asked for help in fixing the power site, and he seems a little happier recently. Odd, that the tragety that hurt so many of the people he's tried to help has somehow mad ehim a little more up-beat. He seems to like Lu a lot more now too. He still beats Lu, just like everyone else, but he pushes Lu more now too. He even encourages Lu to use his spells during sparing with more advanced students, and gives pointers on how and when to use certain spells.

Your research on the local gangs definately isn't going anywhere. Almost like they have someone covering up their activities, but even your surveilance isn't turning up anything, other than evidence that some of them must have found your cameras (both of them are now missing).

The residential block that Ken had you help with does seem like a cool place, so long as the bug attacks don't become a regular occurance. There's room for about 1,000 families total in the four ten story appartment buildings, and each appartment is reasonably large. The most notable features for you, however, are the underground rooms he set aside for magical work. There's a large room for summoning and magical rituals, and two smaller rooms. One of the small rooms has medical beds with some old monitoring equipment, whish Ken says should be good for projecting mages to use, and another room that houses Ken's library and enchanting shop.

OOC Notes
Barry: Lu feels fine, he just eats more now, but isn't gaining any weight. Everyone tellys you that your just a growing boy who needs more energy to grow, and recover from your recent injuries. The change to your aura is a little frightening, but maybe you can intimidate other astral entities with your new look. You did wake up on the floor one morning though, dumped after two of your bed legs broke while you were sleeping. A little strange, but you weren't hurt. Also, since you have masking now, you can change the appearance of your aura. It does seem to take more concentration than normal to hide your aura now. You used to be able to maintain your masking while you slept, but now you have to consiously reapply your masking every morning.

Takeda: 8 (you got a bonus for figurig a part of the puzzle out, and saying it out loud)
Radcliff: 5
Markus: 5
Bob: 5
Lu Bu: 2 (you weren't there, but you pushed the story a half step forward anyways)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sophmore Year OOC Posts

The next SR game, whenever that is, will have the characters starting a new year at their boarding school (The Hannim school for gifted children).

The 100 karma I awarded for successfully completing your Freshman year didn't stretch quite as far as I'd hoped, so I'm also going to award your first and second group initiations for free, so long as the first metamagic you learn is Masking. (Please also add 18 karma to your total karma to account for the initiations. Your assistance in making the conjuring aspected domain and dealing successfully with the toxic threats in Pheonix are both counting as the "deed" ordeal to reduce the karma cost.)

For those new to the game, the first two initiations have the followign effects:
1) The limit for your magic attribute has increased to 8 (up from 6).
2) If you can astrally project, you now have access to the metaplanes for metaplanar quests.
3) You gain two metamagic powers, one of which must be Masking.
4) You may purchase two additional metamagic powers for the cost of 15 karma each. Adeps/Physical mages, may purchase up to two power points instead of additional metamagic powers, but may only spend these power points on powers from "Street Magic" or, in the case of physical mages (Currently, just Cedrik), to increase their magical ability.

Both Jonus (your counciler, parazoology and maical theory teacher) and Master Ken (your abusive martial arts instructor) have suggested that you learn masking, and offred to assist in yoru initiation rituals. (Master Ken says if you keep running around town messing with bug spirits and the like, then you need ot at least be able to make it harder for them to find you. Jonus just says its the most common metamagics, and comparatively easy to learn. It also does a good job teaching to assense better.)

For those who don't know, what masking does is make it harder for other astral capable being to read your aura. If you have access to astral space yourself, then you can even try to mimic specific auras or make specific changes to your own aura (such as making your aura appear to be mundane, even while astrally percieving, or making your aura appear to have a maic rating much higher or lower than you really have).

You still need to choose strictures for your group; at least two. If you take more than two strictures, there will be cooler NPCs in the group with you (the highest level of initiation you can attain with the group discount is equal tot he number of people in the group).

Please don't forget to check out the IC thread as well.

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