Friday, June 26, 2009

Karma and IC situation

Last session
Takada: 5
Radcliff: 5
Markus: 5

(Am I forgetting anyone?)

Things you've discovered:
Kidnappings are up, ghouls are blamed for any children not recovered.

One child, Jack Emmerson, was recently returned, and you've discovered that he is a vampire. His father is a Humanis leader, and he doesn't let anyone awakened or with any sort of non-human appearance near his home. His mother's aura is considerably weakened.

Another child, Kenny Johnson, recently returned live with his family in an apartment. You manaed to get the fire alarm pulled without drawing any suspicion to yourselves so you could get the child out of the warded apartment. Upon investigating afterwords, you found the apartment ward to be missing.

Two other children went missing in early November, a little girl named Amy (daughter of city councilwoman), who was rescued from ghouls in ghoul town two weeks later, and a little girl named Sara, who still hasn't been found.

There are a few more missing children, but you're still piecing together which ones are and aren't interesting. You have noticed something odd after spending days looking for some sort of link between the cases. A list of family members from about 50% of the cases appears to be a list of people who have low-visibility positions of responsibility as either civil servants or in important businesses. Its the type of people you'd influence if you were trying to influence city governance without directly contacting any high-visibility government officials. Examples are building inspectors, construction workers, health code inspectors, store owners and land lords. And there are a couple high visibility officials involved as well, including a city councilwoman and humanis organizer (noted above). All of the suspicious cases can't reasonably be linked without a truly huge conspiracy, but there could be one or more groups of people taking advantage of the kidnappings to cover their own small conspiracies.

You've discovered that the Spire (the building you helped cleanse of bug spirits) has a "missing" sublevel, where a level of underground parking should be. You investigation turned up an abandoned subway tunnel leading to the sealed off and warded section that must have once been designed as a subway station, however, your investigation was cut short after you ran into a nest of roach spirits.

Winter break and finals are also coming up. (not that I intend to RP finals).
December has just started, and it is always cold outside now.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Aftermath of 6/6/2009 run

Markus: 5
Radcliff: 5
Bob: 5

Jonus and your new living arrangements:
Your class counselor, Jonus, has had you moved to his place, with is the top three floors of a hotel downtown. You entire magic group was moved, and you share the place with a dozen or so staff, more than a dozen college students and a couple more high school students. The three floors owned by Jonus' patron are set up to feel like a mansion instead of a hotel, complete with a luxury dining hall. Jonus expect everyone to show up for dinner every night, and expect to hear details about everyone's day, so dinners are long, and sometimes entertaining.

(OOC: For those who weren't there, five members of the magical group went to your class counselor to get advice of dealing with bug spirits, and brought an unconscious “good mere” spirit with them as proof they were attacked by bug spirits. To protect both you guys and the other students, he had you kicked out of the dorms, and moved to his patron's place. He hasn't told you who that patron is, and its clear that he won't tell you. But it is much nicer living accommodations than the dorm, and probably a little safer too.)

A couple of you have noted that Jonus eats more than Lu Bu, despite being a skinny old man. He also moves with the grace and force of a young gymnast, and presents a far more powerful personality at home than he presents in the classroom.

For the next couple months, he manages to keep you guys busy with study recommendations and some minor household chores which puts much more severe limits on your free time. You part time and under-the-table employers do pay you less since you spend less time working for them, but don't otherwise seem bothered by you new time constraints. (earn 1000 nuyen total over the next two months).

Jonus does tell you repeatedly not to engage any of the magical threats that you have been involved with, but is willing to talk about them (OOC: anyone who wants to can buy the knowledge skill “Magical Threats” up to rating two).

Friday, June 05, 2009

Saturday June 6th

Karma and Next Game session
Cedrick: 5
Bob: 5
Radcliff: 5

Well, you managed to make an anonymous call to the police to get the cult you stumbled onto investigated. It hasn't made the news yet, but after only a day, there isn't much news for the police to tell. You didn't actually kill anyone, so unless someone rescued them before the police arrived, any good investigator should have been able to determine that something really bad was going on. So you shouldn't have to worry about those guys anymore...

Lu Bu seems mostly back to normal. He's somehow managed to break his bed twice (the frame was broken in the middle, like a troll had been jumping on it). After two breaks, it was replaced with a heavy metal frame. He can still out-eat the troll, but thats something you can live with (everyone knows a skinny guy who can eat more food than anyone else... kinda like to eating contest winners, they are always the skinniest people...).

The weather's getting cold, and you haven't heard from the gangers that threatened to kill you yet.

For interesting things in the news, “ghoul town” is opening up. Its a high-profile event, a community of ghouls has been invited into the city, living in their own section. Obviously their diet will bring a lot of trouble to them, so the police will be making extra patrols in the area to curb hate crimes. (OOC: It is common knowledge that ghouls eat metahuman flesh; at least a pound a day. They can get it from local mortuaries, but this doesn't make people feel less threatened.)

There's a new charity organization opening another chapter in town. Master Ken has suggested that all of his students check it out. The Universal Brotherhood is the new name for a group of charity organizations banding together. They run dozens of their own charity missions, and help other charities as well. They are also big on promoting peace and community, sponsoring family friendly performances for entertainment, and encouraging people to get engaged in local politics. They do a great job motivating people to help. When they take on a project or assist another charity, people just seems to pop-out of the woodwork to help. Most notably, they help refurbish or renovate abandoned buildings to make low-cost housing or even small single-family homes, and the run at least a half-dozen homeless shelters and soup kitchens in the greater Chicago area. In addition to feeding and housing the homeless, they do a good job reeducating them and getting them back into middle-class society. Many of the people they've helped in the last couple years have become notable civil employees, and a couple are running for local office (various city council positions).

OOC: More to come before morning.

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