Sunday, June 07, 2009

Aftermath of 6/6/2009 run

Markus: 5
Radcliff: 5
Bob: 5

Jonus and your new living arrangements:
Your class counselor, Jonus, has had you moved to his place, with is the top three floors of a hotel downtown. You entire magic group was moved, and you share the place with a dozen or so staff, more than a dozen college students and a couple more high school students. The three floors owned by Jonus' patron are set up to feel like a mansion instead of a hotel, complete with a luxury dining hall. Jonus expect everyone to show up for dinner every night, and expect to hear details about everyone's day, so dinners are long, and sometimes entertaining.

(OOC: For those who weren't there, five members of the magical group went to your class counselor to get advice of dealing with bug spirits, and brought an unconscious “good mere” spirit with them as proof they were attacked by bug spirits. To protect both you guys and the other students, he had you kicked out of the dorms, and moved to his patron's place. He hasn't told you who that patron is, and its clear that he won't tell you. But it is much nicer living accommodations than the dorm, and probably a little safer too.)

A couple of you have noted that Jonus eats more than Lu Bu, despite being a skinny old man. He also moves with the grace and force of a young gymnast, and presents a far more powerful personality at home than he presents in the classroom.

For the next couple months, he manages to keep you guys busy with study recommendations and some minor household chores which puts much more severe limits on your free time. You part time and under-the-table employers do pay you less since you spend less time working for them, but don't otherwise seem bothered by you new time constraints. (earn 1000 nuyen total over the next two months).

Jonus does tell you repeatedly not to engage any of the magical threats that you have been involved with, but is willing to talk about them (OOC: anyone who wants to can buy the knowledge skill “Magical Threats” up to rating two).

As I mentioned before, you did have NPCs in your magical group in addition to Deric (known to your guys as Lucky)...

Meet Kenny:
Kenneth Allister is an impressive mystical adept. Like many mystical adepts, he focuses more on his adept abilities than his mystic abilities, but is at least a passable spellcaster and conjurer. He has more combat ability that most of you, but he's also a year ahead of you in school. His magical tradition is standard christian theurgy, which can be somewhat annoying when he's preaching. His personal interests are martial arts and medieval weapons and armor. He thinks he can be an actor someday, but this isn't well supported by the school. School does, however, support learning to make medieval weapons by hand, so long as it is accompanied by enchanting skills, as such is a good way to earn a living in the modern world. You guys met him at master Ken's dojo, and like you guys, thats is his extra curricular activity.

Meet Sean O'Dougherty:
Sean is an elven Norse Magician. He's also a year ahead of you, and clearly more magically trained. He was friends with Kenny before they met you guys, and they have an odd relationship, given that their traditions both come with strong religious beliefs. Sean, like Kenny, is studying to become an artificer, but unlike Kenny, it is his real focus. He also wants to go to college to study engineering. He believes that creation is n end unto itself, it doesn't have to serve a purpose other than the simple beauty of bringing a new object into existence. Sean's extra curricular activity is competitive sailing, unlike most sailing contests, they actually have to build the boat from scratch using ancient methods.

Meet Sara Nakamura:
Sara is a Shinto priestess in training. While her japanese heritage is only really noticeable in her last name, she does seem to prefer japanese culture over western cultures. Since her magical ability stems from her believe in ancient japanese spirituality, no one seems to hold her cultural bias against her. She's a younger student, having just started, but like most other students, has adult skill levels, despite being only 14 years old. For her extra curricular activity, she attends classes at a local dance studio. She figures this will provide some benefit to her rituals to please the spirits.

Meet Karyn Olsen:
Despite being a shaman, she is reasonably mellow compared to the rest of the group, so long as she gets enough sleep. Like Sara, she believes in the spirit of the dragon, but she sees him in a slightly different light. She likes to party, but thats normal for anyone who follows the shamanic path to power. She currently is following Sara to Dance recitals, but is looking from something more fitting, as popper performances at the dance studio are a little too stuffy for her.

I'll make up a couple more members at a later date, let me know if you decide to do any active recruiting.
Interesting NPC's!

As for avoiding the magical entities we've been facing, we should probably take that recommendation seriously! If only the magical entities would avoid us! But then we wouldn't have much of a story, I suppose...

As for me, during downtime I want to spend more time working on my junker motorcycle (and maybe learn how to make it a "Franken-cycle" with the parts stolen from the gangers!). That'll also give me a good reason to buy up the Mechanics skill group with time.
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