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Saturday 20100306

20100305 Game

Its been two weeks since you discovered the first powerful ward created by a bug shaman. You haven't caught sight of the shaman(s) that created the ward yet, but you have found other such wards. With the literal army of spirits you have access to, you scoured much of the city in that two weeks. The good news, is that you've identified a little over a dozen noteworthy wards that were created by either a single b shaman, or bugs he summoned. The bad news, is that the last two groups of spirits sent out discovered several dozen wards with the same signature. It seems he's caught on to how you've been tracking him, and has had his spirits busy setting up additional wards to make it much harder for you to track him, there are now over forty buildings warded by this particular bug shaman or his spirits.

Lt. James' team has purged two of the locations you gave her, and other teams have taken down three more, one of which was either fake or thoroughly cleaned. Of the locations you gave Mr. Johnson, two have been the scene of mysterious mass violence in the last two weeks, resulting in 100% casualties for everyone on site. Lt. James is worried now, since she can tell that they know they are being tracked. They are also significantly more powerful than previous bug encounters. Each police intervention has resulted in the loss of at least one officer, one of which reappeared to fight the police in the last battle.

The police actions are being portrayed on the news are unfortunate instances of violence resulting from attempts to arrest gun and drug smugglers. Some of the more dangerous combat drugs are clearly being distributed from free clinics and even a soup kitchen, resulting in plenty of dangerous people helping the drug dealers resist arrest.

Master Ken makes sure to mention to each of you during last Fridays class that you need to stop chasing monsters, because tis going to get you killed. None of you have mentioned any of this to him, however, he still seems to know generally what you are up to. Belinda also keeps harassing you about getting into trouble, but she doesn't actually do much to stop you.

What you've found:
Force 12 ward: unknown commercial building. Ground zero, as far as you can tell, for the group you've been tracking. You don't know what is inside the building, but there is always a spirit or two nearby, and there are good-merge spirits that occasionally enter and leave the building, but don't go anywhere interesting. The building is a four story brick building with a roof access door, no windows on the first floor, and completely unremarkable. It is in a commercial zone with mostly warehouses and assembly plants nearby.

8 force 10 wards. These are the creepy ones. Four of these are on free clinics, two on homeless shelters and two on soup kitchens. All places where people who wouldn't be missed tend to hang out. There were more force 10 wards floating around, but they've been taken care of by your contacts.

6 force 8 wards. Two of these are on small churches in not-so-good neighborhoods, the rest on motels. The most noteworthy item here was that you're sure the wards were created by a beetle shaman/spirit, but three are roach spirits hanging out in the motel. Bug spirits aren't know for working together.

There are now more than two dozen force 6 wards, many of which are scattered throughout the city. This is making it more difficult to find new stronger wards. Also, many of the wards are turning out to be trapping wards or charged wards, which makes investigating them more dangerous.

Lt. James' team as decided to hold off further purging, to try and get more information on this problem, because the police can't afford to lose more people if more bugs are popping up. You haven't heard from your Ares contacts concerning the bug information you gave them. But as mentioned last time, theres interesting conventions coming up, including a military gun show, which you have been invited to.

You should be about two months into your junior year in high school (October).

OOC NOTE: If his contradicts something I told you last time, please let me know.

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