Sunday, May 30, 2010


The ransom note says:
“Two of the drake-lings need to come, unarmed, to take the place of the girls, or we'll turn them into bugs. The sacrifices should come to the warehouse at 3 am. This should give you enough time to track the girls and insure that they are alive and well. If anyone else beats you there or joins you, the girls will be joined to beetle spirits in your place. The other ten of your little cabal need to meet at a rave being held in the abandoned warehouse two blocks north of the spire. The sacrifices will not be admitted until we have confirmation the rest of you are at the rave. The ravers tend to be violent, so you should keep your violent tendencies in check while you're there.”

You received the ransom note at 3pm, they made sure you would have no more than twelve hours to consider your options, prepare and perform ritual tracking.

They expect you to find them via magical tracking, which will take a considerable amount of time. If you start with locations you know are protected by strong wards, the tracking goes a little faster.

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