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The ransom note says:
“Two of the drake-lings need to come, unarmed, to take the place of the girls, or we'll turn them into bugs. The sacrifices should come to the warehouse at 3 am. This should give you enough time to track the girls and insure that they are alive and well. If anyone else beats you there or joins you, the girls will be joined to beetle spirits in your place. The other ten of your little cabal need to meet at a rave being held in the abandoned warehouse two blocks north of the spire. The sacrifices will not be admitted until we have confirmation the rest of you are at the rave. The ravers tend to be violent, so you should keep your violent tendencies in check while you're there.”

You received the ransom note at 3pm, they made sure you would have no more than twelve hours to consider your options, prepare and perform ritual tracking.

They expect you to find them via magical tracking, which will take a considerable amount of time. If you start with locations you know are protected by strong wards, the tracking goes a little faster.

Matt's post from below...
Since we don't have a new thread yet, ideas for our hostage situation with the Bug Spirits:

1) Send in the Troll as bait. He's tough enough to take hits, he can't fly to the scene of the battle like the rest of us, he's harder to hide, and he can deal some staggering damage. Somebody else will need to be the second unlucky person to go with him, but this is a start.

2) We know that 2 or so of the low-level members of our Initiate Group have not yet been ID'd by the Bug Spirits, so they can come with us to the warehouse battle without being missed at the rave, though they'll probably just offer spirit support and keep a lookout for things since they are less powerful than the group.

3) For the Rave, if we can disguise any lower level people to mimic the more powerful party members to fool the Bug Spirits (so that the party members can assault the warehouse), that would be ideal. However, this may be beyond our abilities.

4) As we discuessed, hiding our Drake forms from the Bug Spirits is a waste of effort at this point since they know who we are. Now, we don't want to spill the beans to everyone in town, but attacking the warehouse in Drake form with speed boosts being provided by spirits seems perfectly reasonable.

5) Some of the Drake party members who are expected at the rave could show up there and then race over to the warehouse (again in Drake form with fly speeds boosted by spirits.) Perhaps if we created a distraction or some other mess at the rave, it'll provide cover for the party members to escape. Maybe the non-drake Initiates in our group could help out with this.

6) We definitely need to get Belinda informed of what is going on, and maybe Master Ken. The Bug Spirit insanity is getting out of hand... yes, I know how the plot eventually plays out, but in character we should be saying "enough!" and be willing to pull all our allies together to smash these pests.

7) On the flip side, I'm not sure I'd want to get corporations involved in this... They can be powerful allies, but they'll also want to use us for their own ends.
A lot of what Matt has said is good. Ares would be ideal to send in, but, then again, they tend to go in guns blazing and not care who they hit. So, sending them in to retrieve our two girls might not be the best idea.

Maybe the police? Get Kevin's girlfriend in on this and get what help she can muster?

I was thinking that the other person to go in with the Troll should be Rob. He does not ever to really want to reveal himself as a drake and he feels that us flying across town would attract too much attention. But, unless we have a tank or a vtol plane, we will not be able to get there fast enough with our RV. He can also supply support for the Troll when he starts something.

Those of us that can, we need to go and stash some bags with our gear in it near the rave, that way we can grab the bag and take it with us as we fly. I'm not too sure how fighting in drake form will do against these bugs. We have never tested it against bug spirits before, just a few humans. Don't know if our breaths will affect them. I know we can deal physical damage to them since all of us physical adepts, maybe except for the Troll, has killing hands.

I think that we will need at least 3 air spirts on standby with us that is going to the rave to get us there when we fly.

If Rob will not go in with the Troll, then we send in Matt, since he probably has the second best defense, next to the Troll, with his counter fighting.

As drakes, can we carry a person, or have them riding on our backs?

That is all I can think of for now.
Karma for the last two game sessions:
For the arctic mission: 20
First Floor of kidnapping: 12
You can't really spend it right now, but you can pay off any karma debts (such as to bond the weapon foci).

There's lots of noise upstairs, like there's a serious fight on the roof.

The bug shamans each had a magic knife.
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