Tuesday, February 28, 2017

March 4th

Hey Guys,

So the party learned why it's dangerous to go off alone, especially with a beautiful woman.  And why it best to avoid bodies of water, never know what's hiding in the sludge at the bottom.  Hope everyone enjoyed last weeks session.  Thanks to Terry for the burgers.

This weekend, I'd like to continue with Pathfinder and hopefully finish the module.  Come loaded for bear .... err, dragon.  Hope to see you Sat.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Sat the 25th

Hey Guys,

I survived vacation bearly  (not a typo) and am back home safely.  My trip had its ups and downs, but I did find some inspiring ideas along the way.  Just shows what a visit to a museum can do for you.  Hope you guys found something fun to do while I was away.

This week I should be running Pathfinder again.  The party is a good ways into the final dragon module are getting closer to the boss. I may be there closer to 5 pm this time as I have a function to go to, but I will be there.  Who can be there this Sat??

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Saturday, Feb 18th

Ok, so, last weekend went fairly well.  There was only four of us and we played board games most of the night and talked about the remake of our Rifts characters.  We played a new board game called M.U.L.E., yes, a board game after the really old computer game.  It was pretty fun and not hard to learn.  We played Splenda, as usual.  And we played, new to me at least, the Shadowrun card game, Crossfire.  There was a new expansion to the game, which seemed to add a lot more difficulty to the game.  We had to play the game twice before we actually won.

So, this coming Saturday, not really sure who is going to run.  Kevin went on vacation this past weekend and it looks like, from his Facebook postings, that he went to Texas, Houston to be more exact, or at least one stop was there.  If Kevin can run, then we will be continuing with our Circus Troop.  If Terry has to run, then he will need Matt there to run his Pathfinder game.  Otherwise, it will be more board games and maybe the rewriting of our Rifts characters.

Who can be there??

Monday, February 06, 2017

Sat Feb 11th

Ok, so, Terry said that he would be back for us to storm his house for some gaming.  Now whether that means Kevin is going to run or not, I do not know.  We will have to wait for him to respond on whether he is going to be available or not.  But, if he doesn't, we can always play board games or maybe Terry has something for us to play.  If we do end up playing board games, I would suggest not bringing the game that we have been playing the past few weeks.  I like the game, but Terry has stated that he will not play it for reasons he stated two Saturdays ago when we played it at his house.  I suggest a new game that may have come out, maybe someone can get the full set of the Firefly game (as I remember, we all liked playing that game) or something newer.  I backed a Kickstarter board game that will be shipped sometime in April.

So, whatever we do, who can be there?

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