Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Saturday, Feb 18th

Ok, so, last weekend went fairly well.  There was only four of us and we played board games most of the night and talked about the remake of our Rifts characters.  We played a new board game called M.U.L.E., yes, a board game after the really old computer game.  It was pretty fun and not hard to learn.  We played Splenda, as usual.  And we played, new to me at least, the Shadowrun card game, Crossfire.  There was a new expansion to the game, which seemed to add a lot more difficulty to the game.  We had to play the game twice before we actually won.

So, this coming Saturday, not really sure who is going to run.  Kevin went on vacation this past weekend and it looks like, from his Facebook postings, that he went to Texas, Houston to be more exact, or at least one stop was there.  If Kevin can run, then we will be continuing with our Circus Troop.  If Terry has to run, then he will need Matt there to run his Pathfinder game.  Otherwise, it will be more board games and maybe the rewriting of our Rifts characters.

Who can be there??

I can be there, but I have to work, so will be after 4:30 pm.
I printed up crossfire character sheets. Can we play with more than four? I'd like to play a couple games of crossfire, possible the same mission until we get enough karma that the mission becomes inefficient (and its a good learning mission). Unless I have to go shopping, I'll be ready for company around 2pm.

I'll try to have the next scene for my DnD game ready (need Matt for it, his duel with the Ice guy is a big part of the next scene), I've got the two most important opponents ready, but I'd like to have four ready just for the next encounter. It will be mostly story and social after that.

I'll also try to have the restart Rifts ready. Character revisions and story updates, passage of time and setting up the path into the next chapter.

Yea, for Crossfire I was thinking of a few things we could do with the cards. I was thinking that we could either laminate the cards and just use dry erase markers to write on them or make copies of them and just write on those copies with pencils so we can erase them easily, or make copies then laminate the copies. So, several options to decide from.
I may be there.

Please do not hold up games on account of my attendance. As I've said before, I'm not going to commit to showing up every Saturday "forever," and if I'm going to take a week off, it is likely to be a week when we're running one of the backup campaigns or just playing board games. Kevin can run his game without everyone, and other people should be able to do the same, particularly given how interchangeable our characters are in the secondary campaigns. It's not like we're filming a movie and the lead is out sick for a week. If other people want to continue a secondary campaign, do so - don't hold it up on my account. I'm not making a commitment to be there every weekend just because a story plot has been written to now require my character.
OK, hopefully I'll be able to make it tomorrow for the game.
Burritos/soft tacos for dinner. IF someone can pick up a couple cans of refried beans on the way over, I'd appreciate it.
Wish I had know that before I left the house this morning. :( I guess I should have checked because I know I have at least one can of refried beans in my pantry.

So, I'm guessing that since Kevin hasn't posted that he will probably not be running his game tonight.
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