Monday, February 06, 2017

Sat Feb 11th

Ok, so, Terry said that he would be back for us to storm his house for some gaming.  Now whether that means Kevin is going to run or not, I do not know.  We will have to wait for him to respond on whether he is going to be available or not.  But, if he doesn't, we can always play board games or maybe Terry has something for us to play.  If we do end up playing board games, I would suggest not bringing the game that we have been playing the past few weeks.  I like the game, but Terry has stated that he will not play it for reasons he stated two Saturdays ago when we played it at his house.  I suggest a new game that may have come out, maybe someone can get the full set of the Firefly game (as I remember, we all liked playing that game) or something newer.  I backed a Kickstarter board game that will be shipped sometime in April.

So, whatever we do, who can be there?

I'll be there and I don't have to work, so I can try to get there earlier than 4 pm.
Hey Guy,

I'm taking some vacation time this month so I'll be out of town this Sat and probably next. I'll be back the 25th and hopefully ready to finish up the module. Have fun and see you in a couple of weeks

Ok, looks like it will be board games this week. I don't think Terry will have enough time to get something together for whatever game he wants to run, but I don't know, stranger things have happened like them calling for at least 3 inches of snow last night and the temp, which they reported, never got to 32 degrees or below for snow to accumulate.
I've been ill with a severe cold or the flu since Wednesday and I still feel lousy. Unless I feel a lot better tomorrow, I won't be able to make it.
I won't start cooking until I see who shows up. The plan was for beef and asparagus, possibly rice and raw veggies. Hopefully someone remembers to call Curtis, maybe he's ready to continue his Only War game. I might be able to get ready to continue my DnD game, but the next scene was supposed to include a duel between Matt's character and the ice-wielding mercenary (with everyone else redirected to separate battles to stop enemy reinforcements).

Hope you feel better soon Matt.
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