Friday, June 26, 2009

Karma and IC situation

Last session
Takada: 5
Radcliff: 5
Markus: 5

(Am I forgetting anyone?)

Things you've discovered:
Kidnappings are up, ghouls are blamed for any children not recovered.

One child, Jack Emmerson, was recently returned, and you've discovered that he is a vampire. His father is a Humanis leader, and he doesn't let anyone awakened or with any sort of non-human appearance near his home. His mother's aura is considerably weakened.

Another child, Kenny Johnson, recently returned live with his family in an apartment. You manaed to get the fire alarm pulled without drawing any suspicion to yourselves so you could get the child out of the warded apartment. Upon investigating afterwords, you found the apartment ward to be missing.

Two other children went missing in early November, a little girl named Amy (daughter of city councilwoman), who was rescued from ghouls in ghoul town two weeks later, and a little girl named Sara, who still hasn't been found.

There are a few more missing children, but you're still piecing together which ones are and aren't interesting. You have noticed something odd after spending days looking for some sort of link between the cases. A list of family members from about 50% of the cases appears to be a list of people who have low-visibility positions of responsibility as either civil servants or in important businesses. Its the type of people you'd influence if you were trying to influence city governance without directly contacting any high-visibility government officials. Examples are building inspectors, construction workers, health code inspectors, store owners and land lords. And there are a couple high visibility officials involved as well, including a city councilwoman and humanis organizer (noted above). All of the suspicious cases can't reasonably be linked without a truly huge conspiracy, but there could be one or more groups of people taking advantage of the kidnappings to cover their own small conspiracies.

You've discovered that the Spire (the building you helped cleanse of bug spirits) has a "missing" sublevel, where a level of underground parking should be. You investigation turned up an abandoned subway tunnel leading to the sealed off and warded section that must have once been designed as a subway station, however, your investigation was cut short after you ran into a nest of roach spirits.

Winter break and finals are also coming up. (not that I intend to RP finals).
December has just started, and it is always cold outside now.

Very suspicious... all of it...

Things to come to mind:

- Continue investigating missing children. If we're really lucky, we might find one of them. One potentially very dangerous idea would be to hang out "looking for trouble" in the places they go missing. We could lure out some kidnappers, but we might be kidnapped. I don't have any reason to believe the kidnappers are pushovers; as one group or as several, they've had reasonable influence and if they are involved with vampires, that's really bad.

- I'm not sure if there's a good way to get to that missing level in the Spire. It was warded, and we don't know of any way to physically access it. I doubt we have the cracking skills needed to dig up some info regarding what is really going on in that level. We might learn something if we kept a close eye on equipment and people coming and going from the Spire, but then again, considering the building's size and the effort to put high-tech manufacturing there, I'm not sure if anything would really stand out as suspicious.

Right now, I suspect we'd have more luck looking into the missing children. If the groups are not all organized, we may be able to investigate each one separately without getting as much attention. That, and what we're doing looks noble vs. breaking into the missing level in the Spire (which we should still keep an eye on, but that's probably all we can do for now.)
On the missing level of the Spire, I do not believe that we are a well equipped group to be breaking into something like that. We have no hacker to be able to hack in and remove any video/audio data of us being there along with any access codes we might need to get through doors.

Also, all of us was having a horrible time with taking out what we did run into the first time. I had to use Edge to get any hits on the cockroaches and their counterspelling was way above par. And that was just what was lurking in the tunnels. Who knows what might be lurking behind the ward. Although, I think that might be where the kids are being taken. ;)
Oh, forgot. Going after the kidnappers might be good. Even getting one of ourselves kidnapped might work as well. Remember, we have ritual magic that will allow us to track each other. We could let them kidnap Lu Bu. He should be very easy to follow. ;)
Oh, that would be funny!

"Uh, Barry - we need to borrow your character... yeah, we need him kidnapped!"
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