Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sophmore Year OOC Posts

The next SR game, whenever that is, will have the characters starting a new year at their boarding school (The Hannim school for gifted children).

The 100 karma I awarded for successfully completing your Freshman year didn't stretch quite as far as I'd hoped, so I'm also going to award your first and second group initiations for free, so long as the first metamagic you learn is Masking. (Please also add 18 karma to your total karma to account for the initiations. Your assistance in making the conjuring aspected domain and dealing successfully with the toxic threats in Pheonix are both counting as the "deed" ordeal to reduce the karma cost.)

For those new to the game, the first two initiations have the followign effects:
1) The limit for your magic attribute has increased to 8 (up from 6).
2) If you can astrally project, you now have access to the metaplanes for metaplanar quests.
3) You gain two metamagic powers, one of which must be Masking.
4) You may purchase two additional metamagic powers for the cost of 15 karma each. Adeps/Physical mages, may purchase up to two power points instead of additional metamagic powers, but may only spend these power points on powers from "Street Magic" or, in the case of physical mages (Currently, just Cedrik), to increase their magical ability.

Both Jonus (your counciler, parazoology and maical theory teacher) and Master Ken (your abusive martial arts instructor) have suggested that you learn masking, and offred to assist in yoru initiation rituals. (Master Ken says if you keep running around town messing with bug spirits and the like, then you need ot at least be able to make it harder for them to find you. Jonus just says its the most common metamagics, and comparatively easy to learn. It also does a good job teaching to assense better.)

For those who don't know, what masking does is make it harder for other astral capable being to read your aura. If you have access to astral space yourself, then you can even try to mimic specific auras or make specific changes to your own aura (such as making your aura appear to be mundane, even while astrally percieving, or making your aura appear to have a maic rating much higher or lower than you really have).

You still need to choose strictures for your group; at least two. If you take more than two strictures, there will be cooler NPCs in the group with you (the highest level of initiation you can attain with the group discount is equal tot he number of people in the group).

Please don't forget to check out the IC thread as well.

For Peter, if he joins us next time:
Create a 500 point character according to the standard rules (assuming you get access to a book) with the following changes:

1) You cannot have any attribute more than three points above your racial minimum. (except edge, you can buy that up to your racial maximum if you wish)
2) Do not spend any points on gear/cash.
3) No skill rating above 4.
4) Add the athletics skill group at rating 3 for free.
5) No combat spells, and you can only learn the Heal or Treat spells if you have the first aid skill (or the biotech skill group).
6) No starting contacts, you'll have to find those in character (but you'll still get the first couple points in contacts for free, you just have to find them).
7) No flaws that would make student life difficult, represent illegal activities or that are worth 20 or more points. You get the "sensitive system" flaw for free (no bonus points), but it doesn't count towards your limit of 35 points in flaws. (Oh, you also have a SIN, and can get a part time job if you like, but you don't get points for them, because they aren't flaws... yet...)
8) You're not old enough to have the education edges, and technomancers don't exist yet, so you can't have those edges. You also don't have access to edges that represent illegal activities. I strongly recommend one of the magical edges, because you can always give up magic later, but you can't gain it after character creation. Also, the aptitude edges is generically a good choice for everyone.

When you're done creating the starting character, you get 100 karma points to spend (if you can conjure, I recommend saving a few of those points for later), your first two grades of initiation, and membership in the magical group (assuming you have magical talent and can benefit from them). (Effectively, you have 100 unspent karma, but total karma earned of 123)

If you have any questions, feel free to email me, or post here. I don't know when we're playing this again. But once you have the character more-or-less made, we can post your introduction to the group here, and maybe start some RP with him before our next SR session.
If anyone needs help with spending their karma, please post questions here, or email me if you prefer.

For anyone capable of conjuring, I recommend saving some of your karma for conjuring an ally spirit in the future. Its an expensive task, but provides an extremely powerful benefit (a worthwhile ally spirit costs in the range of 80-100 karma, more if you want to spend more). Its easier to save karma 20-30 points at a time, than it is to spend all 100 points for passing a school year on one thing.

For those who don't know, an ally spirit is a spirit the conjurer actually creates. One created, it owes you infinite services so long as you can keep control over it (it will only try to break control if you abuse it). You get to choose its powers, its home metaplane, its skills and its appearance(it can have more than one appearance). The summoning process is difficult, and before you can summon it, you have to create the spirit formula for it (a very difficult design test).
I thought we all started out with only 400 creation points in the beginning?
Your right, only 400 points. But you can spend more than half of them on attributes if you want to.

Where did you find the new errata for Shadowrun? The one I pulled down from says it is v 1.8, which is already available in the fifth and sixth printing of the book and when I look in it, I see no change to the cost of attributes or to Improved Reflexes for Adepts.
Hhhmmm...I downloaded that one too. I just skimmed through it and it didn't look like it was an "errata" for the current book, comparing it to the other errata I got (not showing page numbers of where it is in the book). Guess I'll go through it again and take a closer look at it. (Getting the new book as well so I have it for my book collection on my computer. Wonder if they will get it at GCS?)
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