Monday, December 28, 2015

Sat the 2nd

Quick post.  I should be free this Sat and able to continue with Pathfinder.   New month, new year, and a new adventure.  The party has rescued the prisoners and saved Rybalka, but failed to recapture the artifact stolen from town.  Now the party is ready to rest, re-equip, and head after the Moonstone.  If only things were so easy.  Who will be there this Sat to resume the mayhem??

I don't have to work and I can be there. I'll try to get there as early as I can.
I should be there, and hopefully some mix of Dwight and Curtis, too.
Ok, so I was able to compile the list of equipment we've picked up so far. The only thing I did not include in this list was arrows.

Sell list 1-1-16

8 small leather armor
8 small spear
8 small sling
1 broken longsword
1 scroll of writing
1 rotten dog’s collar
9 longsword
11 chain shirt
1 bastard sword +1
4 gray gems – 10 gp ea
1 ring of sustenance
2 breast plate
2 hvy steel shield
1 mw longsword
1 longbow +1
1 mw light crossbow
154 bolts
4 poison bolts
3 fetish
1 chain mail
12 hand crossbow
11 rapier
10 leather armor
1 quarterstaff +1
1 enduring leather armor +1
5 buckler
4 mw chain shirt
1 mw light steel shield
2 mw light mace
7 mw hand crossbow
3 mw small light crossbow
3 small dagger
3 potion of hand of the mage
13 potion of cure light wounds
7 potion of cure moderate wounds
1 potion of cure serious wounds
1 large cold iron great axe +1
5 mw leather armor
7 mw rapier
8 human bane bolts (from ghouls on 11/21/15 not sure + on them)
1 scale mail +1
1 mw buckler
1 phylactery of negative channeling
1 hand crossbow +1
1 mw heavy mace
1 mw composite longbow (str +2)
2 gems – 40 gp ea
2 mw full plate
2 light hammers
2 throwing axes
1 mw adamantine great axe
1 mw artisan’s tools
1 oil of magic weapon +1
1 potion of shield of faith +2
1 wand of cure light wounds – 23 charges
1 shock returning javelin +1
1 adamantine breast plate
4 mw great axe
4 potion of enlarge person
4 mw breast plate
16 javelin
4 gold necklace – 100 gp ea
1 mw studded leather
1 mw composite shortbow (str +1)
3 mw heavy wooden shield
2 mw composite shortbow (str +2)
3 mw scimitar
2 mw sap
2 light crossbow
1 studded leather armor +1
1 chain shirt +1
2 fancy earrings – 50 gp ea
1 shortbow
1 mw shortsword
1 cloak of resistance +2
1 ring of protection +2
1 chainmail +2
1 hvy wooden shield +2
1 shock battleaxe +1
1 cloak of protection +1
1 unholy water
1 unholy symbol
1 onyx – 350 gp
1 silverdust – 25 gp
2 light steel shield
2 light mace

Current coinage

11,840 gp
2,225 sp
1,041 cp

As for why the coinage seems a little low, I did not get how much coins we got from the fort's treasure. If anybody has that amount, give it to me on Saturday.
Paul -- thankgs for the list. I won't have time to work on this today, but I'll get it for the next session. Besides, you may have some things to add after this session.
Holy crap!!! We have a ring and cloak +2 still left? I can use both of those. Definitely not selling them. The wand of CLW is also a keeper, and I thought Clair had the javelin? We should also probably keep the magic weapons in case we need them until everyone has a magic weapon.
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