Monday, December 28, 2015

Wacky Wednesday

Hey Guys,
Posting here on short notice but I just found out last night that I don't have to work Wed night.  Not sure why, but I don't ask when I'm given a free night off.  So since I don't usually have Wed off, I'm looking for something do.  Wanted to know if anybody wants to hang out at the store, get something to eat, see a movie, or whatever.  Not sure who's available Weds.  so post here or email me or text me.  See ya.

I'm off Wednesday and can do whatever. At least I hope I can do stuff, since I'll be taking my car in on Tuesday to get major work done on it. Hope it will be fixed and ready to drive me around.
Oh, also, not sure how much money I'll have, at least not until after Tuesday's repair work is done.
Ok, so far I've had responses via the blog from Matt, Terry, and Paul. Each of them has responded yes to doing something on Wed, depending on what we decide to do. I plan to hang out at the store for a while and play some games, then go get something to eat or see a movie depending who can go. I don't have anyway to contact Curtis or Dwight, but they are welcome to go. I sent Rob an email, but I haven't heard back yet. Terry can hang out, but that would be after 7 or 8.

Paul -- no problem, I understand about the car. If you can make it, I can cover you for food or a movie. Although it looks like we'll be hanging around the store for a while. I plan on getting to the store after 4 so I can get some sleep first.
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