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Sat the 27th

Hey Guys,

Hope everyone enjoyed last Saturdays session.  The party finished off the vulture man and his minions, freeing the captives and saving Freeport again.  And managed to rescue Finn from a  kidnap/assassination attempt.  Not exactly what I had planned, but then the party has a habit of doing the unexpected (never underestimated an PC with a grudge).   So I'll have to adjust things accordingly, fortunately I have a month or so to come up with something . . . . .

This Saturday I will be in town, the family stuff I mentioned will be taking place another weekend.  So I would like to run Pathfinder again.  The party has been spending time in Jorgenfist  (with shopping trips to Magnimar and other places) gathering info on Thassilon in general and Runelord Karzoug in general.  After several weeks, the party receives an urgent summons to return to Sandpoint.  What troubles are brewing anew in the beleaguered town??

I'll be there and since I don't have to work, I should hopefully be there around 3:30 or so.
Haven't purchased dinner yet, possible brisket again if I can find one that looks good, otherwise I'll probably make something with ground beef.

Kevin: How much time was in that "several weeks" in Jorgenfist? Each day is important to us enchanters. Also, is there a druid among the people at Jorgenfist who will cast warp wood for me for two days?

Paul: How much gold do we have I can spend on enchanting? I'll need 500 gold per day we have, plus another 10k for reserves to enchant while adventuring.

Matt: If I can't hire someone, can I steal two of your enchanting days to cast warp wood to enchant bows for Rob and myself? (I'd rather not cut into your enchanting time if I can help it)
Well, according to my notes, we only have like 90k in the party pool. Now, that is all due to the last time we sold stuff. I have a few pages of items that we've gotten since our last selling spree. I also have not added in any gold we have picked up since then either, at least not into the party pool. So, we really don't have a lot in the pot to use right now.
hehehe... what troubles, indeed!?

I should be there.

yes, folks can steal my enchanting time if needed.

Paul, get me a list of things and I will price them out.

Terry, there are no druids among the "friendly" giants in Jorgenfist. But you can always check with Matt or find somebody in Magnimar. The party spends 34 days in Jorgenfist and Magnimar before receiving the urgent message to return to Sandpoint
Not sure I'll be able to get a list for this Saturday. I'll try, but work has been hectic this week. My co-worker called out two days and for the last three days they have had me doing some crap job that they don't want to do that has had me working almost the entire 5 hours of work each day.
Ok, here is the loot. I did it quick, so, errors are probably in there along with stuff that might still need to be combined.

2 diamonds - 10000 gp each
2 studded leather +1
2 light wooden arrow catching shield +1
2 morning star +1
4 MW javelin
1 large hide shirt +2
1 large dwarf bane heavy pick +1
1 large light pick +1
11 ring of protection +1
1 large warhorn
1 large thundering earthbreaker +1 (maul)
1 ring of counterspells (dominate person)
1 large breastplate
1 large chainmail
1 large great club +1
5 cloak of resistance +1
2 ivory tusks - 250 gp each
7 MW morning star
1 scroll tube with 7 scrolls - heal, mass bear’s endurance, mass enlarge person, raise dead, speak with dead, stone skin, stone skin
3 MW leather armor
3 MW composite longbow str +5
95 arrows
2 leather armor +3
3 amulet of natural armor +1
2 belt of health +2
1 scroll of heal
1 wand of deep slumber - 3 charges
1 chainshirt +2
1 MW composite short bow str +2
1 large chainshirt +1
1 large warhammer +1
1 belt of incredible dex +2
1 brooch of shielding - 25 charges
3 headband of wisdom +2
1 igniting longspear +1
1 shedrin medal
1 headband of charisma +2
1 opal - 1000 gp
1 rich blue diamond - 1600 gp
1 black opal - 8000 gp
53 gems - 3500 gp total
1 tapestry - 600 gp
1 set of silver idols - 3600 gp total
1 amulet of mighty fists +1
1 silver armband - 2500 gp
1 gold and amber ring - 500 gp
1 fire opal - 200 gp
1 chest
12 longsword
1 large longsword +1
1 halbred +2
3 large warhammer
1 full plate armor
1 staff of spell - rusting grasp - lvl 12
4 leather armor
4 scythe
1 small breastplate +1
1 small short spear +3
1 small arrow deflecting buckler +1
1 large heavy pick +3
1 large breastplate +2
1 large light steel shield +1
1 cloak of elvenkind
2 potions - gaseous form, oil of darkness
100 dwarf beards with silver rings in each ( rings worth 10 sp each)
33 chunks of broken armor - 20 gp each
1 arrow catching heavy steel shield +1
1 huge great club +3
2 pistol
3 large great club +1
3 large hide armor +1
2 mw large leather armor
2 large falchion +2
1 scroll of remove curse
2 incense holders - 400 gp each
1 ring of force shield
1 scroll tube of adamantine and jade with a combo lock - 1200 gp
1 ring of the ram - 45 charges
18 scrolls - regenerate, hero’s feast, order’s wrath, greater restoration, resurrection, scry, symbol of stunning, true resurrection (lvl 17), writ of entranance and access to therassic library and scroll of changing spells
2 large chainshirt
2 large great axe
1 large lance +1
1 chainshirt +1
2 rancer +2
2 large breastplate +2
1 bag of shiny rocks
1 small half plate
1 MW breastplate
6 chainshirt
1 ghost touch gauntlet +1
1 large full plate +1
2 rune chill hatchets (+1 battle axe)
2 ring of protection +2
1 defending spell storing club
1 wand of bear’s endurance - 15 charges
1 bag of holding - type 2
1 fog cutting lenses
1 wand of grease - 11 charges
1 wand of mage armor - 10 charges
1 glove of storing
1 wand of liberating command
1 key to library
1 spell components and lab equipment - 1500 gp
1 amber and sapphire necklace - 4000 gp
1 set of ivory rune stones - 1400 gp
1 scroll of contact other plane
1 scroll of limited wish
1 elemental gem of air
1 golden bird cage

Paul, thanks for putting up the list. I have had problems with my internet connection, so I won't be able to work on prices this week.
Speaking of problems, my car is still in the shop and I am waiting to hear it is fixed, so I am running a bit behind. So I maybe a bit late today.
Just got the car back, leaving Glen Burnie now.
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