Sunday, July 28, 2013

Saturday, August 3rd

Ok, so, Kevin has told us that he will not be here this Saturday.  So, it will be one of Terry's games, probably Rogue Trader.  He says that we should be able to finish the adventure we are on with the Eldar.  We have a lot of planning to do, so, lets get there as soon as we can and work on the plans.  Unfortunately, I do have to work this weekend, so, I won't be getting there until around 4:30 or so.

Thanks to Terry for hosting this past weekend and for the good food that he fixed for us.  Who will be there on the 3rd?

Hopefully, I'll be there.
I'd really like to make sure there will be enough people there to game. I'm very low on gas and money and if there aren't going to have enough people there to game, I'll just stay home.
Has anyone spoken to Rob or Dwight? When I spoke to Curtis on Thursday, he thought he might make it.
Also, brisket again (as long as they're available and cheap, I might make this a pattern... until they decide they're popular enough to raise the price again). Also, corn and potatoes (haven't decided how I'm cooking the potatoes).
Can you keep me updated on here until 4 pm on who arrives. If at least two people get there before 4, I will come on down. If not, well, I probably wont be coming down then.
Dwight and Rob are here.
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