Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Sat the 5th

Hey Guys,

Finally the party gets a chance to rest.  After all you've encountered, evil elves, mutated aberrations, and finally an uber dragon, the party has some well deserved downtime.  6 months while you take care of and wait for the dragon egg to hatch.  So I hope you have some plans for your off time.

The party has several months before the next adventure. Time to rest, reequip, and maybe create some items.  How much money can you spend??   Still working on that, will get the sales list up soon as I can.  Also, advance your characters to 14th level.  And yes I know, that means Matt has access to a new level of spells to annoy the DM with.  Ohh, the things I have to suffer through . . . . .

So this Saturday I'd like to run Pathfinder.  If there are any expensive items you are interested in, let me know here or by email so I can see if they are available (expensive being anything 25000 gp and up).   The party has access to larger markets now, I just need to make sure whether certain items can be found.  So who can make it this Saturday??

I'll be there, but it is a work Saturday, so will not be there until around 4:30 or so.
in hospital with a gallbladder attack so no game at my house tomorrow
Ouch Terry, sorry to hear of your difficulty. Hope you mend soon
Ok, so no game tomorrow due to Terry's condition. Plan B, does anyone want to go see Dr Strange tomorrow and get something to eat?? Or hang out at the store??
I still have to work either way, so, I could not do anything until after 4 pm.

If we go see movie or go eat, I'm in the spot that I haven't gotten paid yet and not sure which of the next few days I will get paid.

So, I say we hang out at the store.
I hope you get well soon, Terry.

Dr. Strange works, and store later.
So they told me at 3pm yesterday, that they wouldn't be able to do the surgery that day, so I have to call monday to schedule the surgery later in the week. Its out-patient surgery, so I should be able to host game on Saturday, but I won't be up to cooking, so we'll have to order food (assuming they don't tell me the doctor is too booked up again, and tell me to find another doctor).

They gave me an RX for pain pills that will supposedly deal with another gal bladder attack, but until I get it removed, I need to each bland, mushy food; avoiding fatty food, fried food and spicy food... So I need to get this taken care of ASAP so I don't starve. (what can you even eat that matches all of those conditions? Luckily I have some multi-vitamins, because there isn't much nutritional value left when you throw out fat and "non-mushy" food.)

Give me a call if you go see a movie after Paul gets off work, I'd love to see Dr. Strange, so long as I don't have to take a pain pill, I'm up to driving out there to see a movie. (Can't drive for six hours if I need to take a pain pill, going to make workign fun this week.)
Also, for gallbladder attacks. It just feels like your stomach is being cut open for around 12 hours (stabbing pain in the center of your chest, expands to your back and lower stomach before it goes away). Its not lethal, and the attacks will stop if you get the gallbladder removed. Many family members had to have it done, and they report other benefits and no complications to its removal. Sometimes gallstone can also lead to appendicitis, which can be lethal, but that wasn't the case with me, but its another reason to have the gallbladder removed if it gives you any trouble.
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