Monday, March 11, 2013

Sat 16th of March

Ok, guys.  Kevin said that he would not be making it for this Saturday, so, I took it upon myself to start a new post in case Kevin did not get around to doing it.  We had fun this past Saturday and thanks to Kevin for running and Terry for hosting and cooking up some good food.  We ran into a snake woman at the top of a tower and took her out and all her cronies, along with a flesh golem.  We got some new gear to distribute and I need to go and make up a selling list for us to look over this coming Saturday, if I can get around to it.

This coming Saturday, Terry will be picking up the GMing while Kevin is away.  We did a little with Rogue Trader after Kevin finished and we have to deal with personal purchases when we start back up this weekend.  But, bring both your Rogue Trader character and your Shadowrun character, as we never know which we will be playing.

Who can make it?

Sounds like Kevin threw some more delightful insanity at the party!

I should be there this weekend.
I would really like to get through the Shadowrun adventure, especially if Dwight is going to be there. I'd like to be able to play that on a regular basis, again, like we are doing with Rogue Trader.
Ok, I typed up the list and I'll bring a copy on Saturday. I'll also email it to Kevin so he can look it over and give us any prices for the items before we choose what to sell so it will be quick for me to tally up and get the gold the following week, hopefully.
Kevin, is the correct email address for you? That is the only one I have currently associated with your name in my address book.
Paul, yes that is a good email address for me. I'll get to work on it and get it back to you soon.
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