Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Sat the 30th

Hey Guys,

At long last, Matt got to face his favorite monster, the hillbilly ogres.  Straight from the mountains of West Virginia, . . . . . err Golarion, come the nasty, brutish, and freakishly ugly ogres.  Too much inbreeding with these creatures, that bloodline really needs to be thinned out some.  And these are just the smaller one, wait til you meet their bigger cousins.

Ok this weekend I will be moving furniture (fun!!) and probably be unable to attend.  I hope you guys have a good time and see you the first Sat in April.


Well, I will be there, but, since I have to work on Saturday, I will be getting there around 4:30 pm or so. I believe Rob said he would be out this Saturday as well, because of it being Easter weekend. So, unless Dwight and/or Curtis shows up, not sure we can do very much with either Rogue Trader or Shadowrun.
I should be there, for whatever that is worth.

Yeeeee-ha! on the Hill-billy Ogres!

"Ma, get the squishing hook - we've got 'venturers in the corn again!"

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