Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Saturday, Sept 27th

Ok, so, Kevin hasn't posted yet and he did say last weekend that his schedule has gotten much busier than normal.  So, I decided to start the post this week.

Kevin said that he would continue to run Shattered Star this coming Saturday after a much fun filled adventure into the newest town for us to arrive at.  Who can be there?

I have to work, so, it will be around 4:30 before I can get there.

Paul -- thanks for starting a post. Work is busy and they keep changing start times to compensate, which affects everything else. Anyway, going to continue with Shattered Star this weekend. See you there.
I should be there.
Beef, its what's for dinner. Could use some fries if you stop at the store on the way here, maybe some bread too.
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