Monday, September 08, 2014

Saturday, Sept 13th

Ok, so, Kevin believes that he will still be out this weekend.  He wont really know until, I'm guessing, Saturday.  So, in belief that Kevin will not be here, I'm guessing Terry will run Rifts again.  We had some long fights there in that first battle and some interesting results.

So, who can be there?  I have to work, so, it will be around 4:30 pm before I get there.

Just posting an update. I will be out again this weekend, should be back the 20th to run the Shattered Star. See you guys then.
In Rifts, what ships do we own now?
1 Scimitar (large frigate)
1 Vengeance (promethean frigate)
2 Hunters (small frigate)
3 Novas (fighter/bomber)
2 Star Ghosts (cool fighter)
1 Neptune (cargo ship)
7 suits of silverhawk armor
(6 with force fields, 1 with phase field)

And about 700 million UTC in cash.

About two months of time before your next adventure.
I know we also have a Proctor and I thought we also had access/owned to a Merchantman or two?? The ones with the bigger guns on them.

Also, what book is the Vengeance from or is that one you created?
I should be there.

You each had a vehicle of your own as well.
Among the privately owned vehicles owned by group members: Proctor, Nova, Space Limo, Hover Tank, A-1 avenger, USA-10 Glitterboy.
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