Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Sat, Sept 6th

Ok, so, we went to the store and played some Runebound.  We never got to finish it, but since Kevin was the only one that had a dragon, he was declared the winner.  We spent about 3 hours playing it.

So, everybody knows that Kevin will be gone this weekend and possibly the next.  He said he wont know about next weekend until that day.  So, lets just plan on two weeks worth of Terry running things, most likely Rifts.

Who can be there?  I don't have to work, but if my gas holds out, I should be there.

For those that play World of Tanks, I just joined the game. I play on the US East server and my name on there is Rhyus. I just finished with T1 tanks and now have to research and buy the T2 tanks, so, it might be a little while before I start playing in those tanks.
Still waiting for World of Warships... sailing the seas with tens of thousands of tons of armor and guns...

I should be there for the game today, as should Dwight. No idea about Curtis, though he also plays World of Tanks in recent months.
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