Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Saturday September 29th, 2018

I'll be running this Saturday. I"ll try to post more about the game before Friday, but can't promise I'll be ready enough to post. I don't have a dinner plan yet, maybe bell pepper soup. I kinda want to try it with sausage and beef instead of just beef.

Matt said he may not be here this weekend, and definitely won't be here the weekend after.

Dwight is NOT banned from my house. Kevin asked him not to join us when Kevin is running. We'll make sure those times are planned better from now on (Kevin, correct me here if I have misunderstood).

Terry -- Correct.
I'll be there, just not sure on time, as usual.

I think, from now on, that if there are ANY rules questions, that you take it straight to the GM (NOT at the house, either through email or here or phone). This has gone on too many times, and it pisses me off that one or two people start arguing about it, and neither one is the GM. The GM has the FINAL and ONLY say about rules questions, as it is HIS game and he runs it however he wants to run it. IF the GM asks someone else about it, it is his choice to do so, because he is either unfamiliar with it or wants to know more about it. This should all be done under calmer circumstances. Once the GM has come to a decision, he will post it here for all to see what his decision on the question is, and if the question wasn't posted here, he can post it as well. He doesn't have to reveal who asked the question, just what the question was and the answer he is providing.
I should be there tomorrow.
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