Thursday, July 27, 2017

Sat the 29th

Hey Guys,

Hope you had fun last weekend while I was away.  This week I'm back and ready to run Pathfinder. To recap, the party rescued some important citizens, re-lit the violet flame in Torch, and disrupted a plot to transfer energy from the alien complex under the town.  Now to follow up on who is behind the plot.  The party has some info to follow up on that will take you away from Torch, so be ready to stock up and travel.   See you Sat, who will be there. 

ground beef and burrito shells for dinner. Some refried beans would be a good additions, or taco shells, or bread/buns of some sort if someone would like a loose-meat sandwich instead (ground beef with mustard on a bun, a good way to use the leftover ground beef).
I'll be there, but I wont be there until after 4:30 pm as I have to work this Saturday.
Stopped at the store and got beans and a box of hard shells today. Oh, and shredded cheddar.
so do you need anything else?

I don't need anything. If you guys like some sour cream or hamburger buns for loose meat sandwiches.
Ok, security guard came to the room and said that he is probably going to close up the campus at 3 pm. So, I'll probably be getting off then and should be able to get there around 3:30 pm or so.
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