Thursday, June 01, 2017

Saturday, June 3rd

Kevin said that he will be running this weekend.  We are starting the new campaign, Iron Gods.  Not sure if he has told everybody, but we are to start at level 2.

Who all can be there?

I will be there, but I have an Otakon meeting to attend and will be later in the afternoon before I can get there. Not sure how long the meeting will be going and if it seems to be going longer than at least 3 pm, I'm going to just head out then, or at least try to, depending on if they have done attendance or not.
hey, I am running Pathfinder this weekend. PC's should be level 2 as you're supposed to be familiar with each other and used to working as a team. Hope you are current with the players guide, gives much of the background necessary for this adventure. See you Saturday.
if i have a wizard that can cast spells in armor with out spell faler, dose that cover shields?
Have mats for bell pepper soup, so that's probably what I'm going to make for dinner.

Have whittled my characters down to two, that still have 500+ GP so spend (and even with a 17 STR, they can't carry that much coin with tie other gear, so I'll have to spend it one something). (I'm assuming we're starting with level 2 wealth, please correct me if I'm wrong Cpt. G)

The characters are a kineticist//Dervish Defender and a Roil-Dancer//Prion(Generalist). The first is good in both melee and ranged combat along with buffing the party's AC, ton of HP, plan for two tech-crafting feats If the game plan changes to go past level 15, then maybe he'll get magic crafting too. The second is currently my top choice; is good in melee combat with ranged ability that will be good until level 4, but then becomes sub-par form lack of ranged feats. The primary caster (generalist psion) starts out complementing his melee ability, but becomes more flexible as the character advances. He'll have both tech and magic crafting, with the planing being the ability to craft constructs by level 12. Both have heavy weaponry proficiency later in the game, and more importanly, the ability to make heavy weaponry. (magic railgun, here I come, and while I won't be wielding chainsaws, the DM has mentioned them, so hopefully someone will eventually be proficient). Both have the "local ties" campaign trait. Hopefully it works for the campaign for my character to be an apprentice to the missing mad scientist.

Capt. G., can we buy cheap tech items with our level 2 wealth? (such as e-picks and detonators). Also, can character's learn Androfhan (however it's spelled) by level two using skill points, or will we have to convince Matt's character to teach us at level three?

Znine: Normally, such traits specify what types of spell failure from armor they can ignore, and shields are not normally on the list. (but doesn't a mithril buckler have no spell failure anyways?)

Can someone pick up dinner rolls of some sort on the way over tomorrow?

Terry - yes, you start with level 2 money. Game will go to 18th level, although crafting time will be as the DM allows. Don't plan on crafting constructs, not sure that would be a good choice for this campaign. Can work with the mad scientist angle. No, you can't purchase
tech items (yet). No, you can't learn Androffan unless you have taken the Numerian archeologist trait. Matt's PC doesn't know that language, unless he has changed his character sheet.
Dwight -- not sure how your wizard is able to cast in armor without spell failure, so have to check on that first.
Will crusty bread work or rolls, how much is starting gold for level 2

My bad, I thought android got androffan for free, but I guess they don't. Funny how they were built without the ability to speak the language of their creators.

and 1,000 GP.
Well, it's much like how everyone learns Necril when they die in Pathfinder. I still say it's either a form of Pig Latin, or it's really just endless moans, evil laughs, and cries for "brains!" that somehow means something based on tone.

My character was changed a bit - he's a pistolaro now since the musket wouldn't work with anything but a buckler, but I can't use a buckler to deflect ranged attacks when I have those feats later. Also, Protoman's arm cannon was not a 2-handed weapon, so we need to stay on theme here.
hey, if mithril added to make it weight 50 percent less and reduces arcane spell failure, would a spell that reduces an item's weigh by 50 percent do the same thing?
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