Thursday, June 29, 2017

Sat the 1st

Hey Guys,

A new month, a new opportunity for mayhem.  Hope you had fun with Terry's game last week, thanks for letting me stop by and grab dinner after my plans got cancelled.

This week I'm going to continue with Pathfinder.  The party is 3rd level now and should be ready for some time in town.  You successfully rescued Konnir, but he's still not completely healed.  And there is still something else sinister going on in the caves under the town.  You'll need to rest up, equip and be prepared for more trouble in town and under it.  Who will be there Sat???

I'll be there Saturday. I do NOT have to work, so I will be there early. I don't have cable at home, nor do I have my wireless active right now. I hope it will be up soon, but I have no way of knowing, since I have someone else paying my bills this month.

When is the earliest I can come, Terry? Was it 2 pm??
Oh, forgot to ask, who got the Ring of Protection +1? My AC is pretty low, 18.
I'm generally ready by 2pm.
Ribs and beef for dinner. Could use some fries and/or baked beans.
I should be there.
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