Friday, June 09, 2017

Sat the 10th

Hey Guys,

Sorry for late post, ooops.  Hope everyone enjoyed the intro to Iron Gods.  So far the party has encountered deranged robots, mercenary skulks,  and other pesky underground denizens.  However, still no sign of the remaining undead, err missing, explorers.  So where are they and what happenned to them??  Maybe some clue lies behind that mysterious metal door over there . . . .

This week I'm running Pathfinder and continuing with Iron Gods.  Hope you can make it, whose going to be there??

hey, if making armor out of mithril makes it weight 50 percent less and reduces arcane spell failure, would a spell that reduces an item's weigh by 50 percent do the same thing?
Ground beef for dinner... with fixings for burritos.

...and no, just reducing mass does not affect spell failure in and of itself.
I will be showing up, but I have to work so will not be there until after 4:30 pm.
I should be there.
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