Monday, May 15, 2017

Saturday, May 20th

Ok, so, this week is not looking so good.

Kevin is out.

Matt is out.

Dwight is out.

Curtis is out.

I have to work until 4 pm.

So, there will be no gaming this week and if Terry and myself get together we wont be doing much other than playing board games or watching movies.

Well, weird that so many people are out this weekend.

I'll be back the first Sat in June. Be ready to start the Iron Gods campaign, still waiting to hear from everyone about their character. Got PC's or at least ideas from Matt, Terry, and Paul. And of course I have an interesting NPC. See you then.
I've got three versions of the character I want to play made, and plans for three other versions, all air kineticists of some sort.

1) Roil-Dancer//Psion(generalist with plans for the awakened mind PrC). Focused on melee combat and item creation, along with a couple ranged feats in the plan. A little bit of everything, and not great at anything.

2) Roil-Dancer//Psion (generalist). Melee focused except for the heavy weaponry feat at higher level, and of course 5 item creation feats in the plan (2 tech, 3 psionic).

3) Kineticist//Psion(generalist). Ranged focused with item creation feats (so many goodies to create with/for the iron gods).

4) Kineticist // Mystic (mystic is oen of the path of war classes). Haven't writtenthis one up yet, but no spellcasting/psionics and still able to take item creation feats. Heavy melee with a little chaos added in.

5) Kineticist (maybe roil-dancer)// Wizard (spirit whisperer, life). Healy wizard with a couple item creation feats and an endless supply of electricity.

6) Kineticist // rogue (hidden blade, or ninja). Heavy melee damage without having to really specialize. Magic item creation will take an extra feat, so this one may just be a tech-creator, homefully someone else will have craft arms and armor.

Those are just my current ideas.

For tomorrow, I'll have more than enough food for just Paul and myself (assuming paul still comes over), so if anyones' plans fall through feel free to come over and hang out.
I'll be there. Just not until after 4:30 since I have to work and I need to stop and get feed my car along the way.

As for my character, I'm going to be building it today, hopefully. Its going to be a Swashbuckler/Aristocrat. I was thinking of having him use a rapier/pistol for close in combat and when range is needed, he will have a musket/rifle, but he will be mainly focused on close combat. As for item creation, I was not planning on it, as usual, since I don't have any magic with my character, but, I've also not had a chance to read up on the Iron Gods setting either, so, not sure how "tech" works.
Ok, so, it looks like I'm going to be changing that a little. It seems that the Swashbuckler does NOT deal with firearms in any way, even though fighter and gunslinger are the two classes that it is designed from. Looks like I might be going with I think I'll do the Picaroon (an alternate class which is designed the way I wanted my character too be (rapier and pistol)), if allowed.
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