Monday, May 22, 2017

Memorial Day Weekend

Terry and myself got together this past Saturday and played some board games and watched Dr. Strange.  We talked about this and that and some other things.

Ok, so, this coming weekend is Memorial Day Weekend.  Not sure who is going to be around or not, other than Kevin.  I know a couple of you do tend to travel home during the holiday weekends.  Terry would be running his Path of War game unless Curtis comes and can run his Only War game.

Kevin said he would not be around for this weekend.  Who can come and who is not coming.  Please post something one way or the other, because if its just Terry and myself again, we could just cancel for this Saturday, or at least I know what to bring and what not to bring if we do get together.

Also, we have Monday that we could possibly do something as well, whether it be just board games or running of Terry's or Curtis's game.  We will probably be at the store, as -generally- Terry has not been able to host us on a Monday holiday, but, things could change.  Who will be around for Monday gaming?

I do not have to work on Saturday nor Monday, so I can do things on both days. Just need to know what, where and when for both days.
Hey guys, I'm going to be away this weekend again. Still haven't hit a jackpot, so I should back in town to run things first weekend in June. Have fun this weekend.

As for Monday, post if you guys want to hang at store or see a movie or something. I can probably do that.

Paul -- not sure I understand the post about your PC. Picaroon is an archetype of gunslinger, not a separate class. If that works for you cool, just need to make sure what I am going to be dealing with as DM.
Are Ifrit Humanoids?

No, ifrits are a type of native outsider.
Although there is a optional trait for ifrits that makes them count as humans and outsiders.
I'm fine with that.
So who's coming this Saturday? Seems like it might just be ma and Paul again...
Dwight told me on Thursday that he will be coming. Did not say anything about Curtis.
no matt or curtis

Hey, idea for Monday. Let's go to the movies at Linthicum and see the new Pirates of the Caribbean. We can catch a matinee at 3 or 4 PM. 4 PM would work best for me. Who's in??
never been there, also shop will be open normal hours

Yes you have. Its Hoyts. Well, as always, I don't have the money to see a movie or get popcorn and a drink.
I'm leaving now, but have to stop in at the front office to try and get something done.
Paul - I can cover you for the movie.

Dwight -- It's the movie theatre on Nursery Road.
time of show?

gonna head to the store to play board games. hope to see you all there after movie

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