Thursday, April 13, 2017

Sat April 15th

Was this the week Kevin was going to be out? I never remember.
Corned beef and cheep steak for dinner. Probably rice too. Haven't decided on a vegetable.

I think for the zietgeist game I'm going to go with a human Roil Dancer (Void)//Sorcerer (umbral dragon). He'll end up becoming a dragon disciple, and probable an Applied Astronomer, so the highest level spell he'll ever be able to cast is 7th.

His primary attack at low levels will be a negative energy blast (ranged touch, 1d6+2 at level 1), and snowball swarm.

I asked Kevin last Saturday and he said he would be running.

I'll be there and I don't work, so, will try to be there at an earlier time.
Hey, long week and I forgot to post. I will be running on Sat. Also, going to update you on the next campaign, hope everyone can make it.
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