Monday, January 23, 2017

Saturday, Jan 28th

So, Kevin has said that he will not be present to run anything on this day.  Terry is not positive if he will have left for home or not by this day.  So, guess we will have to see if Terry is going to be around or not to see if we do anything.

I can be around, but I might be going to a meeting for Otakon. This weekend is supposed to be our ComCon, but since they have changed things to where we have to pay for our rooms for this, I will not be going for the entire weekend. I might run up on Saturday for a few hours to attend one or two of the meetings, but I don't feel like driving all the way to Hunt Valley by myself for just a few hours. If my boss decides he can go to it for a few hours, then I'll go with him. Otherwise, I probably will not attend the meeting. If I do go with him, I will probably be back early, like 1 or 2 pm and can do anything after that. If I don't go, then I'll be able to do things at anytime.
I might be available to do something Sat evening, not sure just yet. Maybe meet at the store and play Sentinels or Zombiecide. Probably won't be there til after 5.
I can make it. I guess since Terry hasn't answered that he has gone home to visit the parents.
Not yet, just been a busy week. I didn't leave work until 8pm tonight. I'll be around. Rob texted me while I was driving home. I told him I'd be around if you guys wanted to come over. I need to go shopping in the morning, so call before you come over to make sure I'm already home.
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