Monday, January 30, 2017

Saturday, Feb

Ok, so, this week Terry has assured us that he will have traveled to California to visit his parents.  So, that means that this Saturday and the following Terry's place should be closed for us to do any kind of gaming at.  Not sure what Kevin's schedule looks like, but, guess we can all meet up at the store and we can play some board games there for this week and next.  Who will be there?

I can make it, but I have to work so I wont be showing up until sometime after 4 pm.
I'll be back for Sat, Feb 11.
I believe this is the weekend Dwight had talked about attending the Lunar New Year's dinner. I think he, Matt, and Curtis are already planning on going. I'm interested as well if I can find out when and where it is. Paul, check with those guys this Thursday.
I'm not even sure if any of them are going to be at the store this Thursday. They all generally only show up on Thor's Day/Night to do Marvel. Otherwise, they normally don't show up any longer on Thursdays. Besides, I had not really planned on going to the store this week, although, the email I got from the store might take me there to check on something.
Ok, so this is really stupid:

I protest this, Kevin needs to send us on a safari so we can hunt down animals with fur so we can make clothing out of it. At least my characters, from now on, will be wearing some kind of fur clothing, maybe even something like in this picture:
Sorry for the late post, but I finally got an email from Dwight with the dinner info.
Hope you guys can make it.

Chinese New Year Celebration
4715 – Year of the Rooster
Date/Time: February 4, 2017@ 6:30 pm
Place: Hunan Manor
7091 Deepage Drive
Columbia, MD 21045
(410) 381-1137
Appetizer Beef Egg Roll
Subgum Wonton Soup
Main Courses: Honey Sesame Chicken
Walnut Shrimp
Beef with Mixed Vegetables
Supreme Crispy Eggplant
House Combination Lo-Mein
Desert: Fresh Oranges & Fortune Cookies
Price: $24.00/Person (Tax & Gratuity Included)
R.S.V.P. (410) 672-5065 or
Rte 29 to Rte 32 East or I-95 to Rte 32 West
Exit Rte 32 @ Brokenland Pkwy North
Turn Rt @ Snowden River Pkwy (2
Turn Lt @ 2
Light (Carved Stone)
Turn Rt into Deepage Drive
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