Monday, December 19, 2016

Saturday, December 24th

So, I know several of you will be traveling on this day or have already traveled to where you are going to be spending the Christmas holiday at.  But, for those of us that are not going to be traveling, do you want to get together and just hang out somewhere.  Not sure if Terry is going home or not, but, I believe the store will be open for at least part of the day and we can hang out there and play a board game or two.  And if we do play some games, lets play something new.  One of the reasons to go there is they have hundreds of games that we can choose to play, so, lets choose something that we don't own or play rarely.  So, that means, leave your games at home or in your car.  :)

What is a good Bard spell to take of first and second level. Seems I missed taking one from each level.
2nd level -- silence, hold person, glitter dust,
1st level -- unseen servant, hideous laughter, expeditious retreat, abundant ammunition.
Ok, thanks Kevin. I think I'll go with Silence and probably Hideous Laughter.
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