Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Sat the 31st

Hey Guys,

Hope y'all had very Merry Christmas.  Mine involved a lot of sleeping and eating, so all to the good.  This weekend I'll probably be occupied with other stuff, so no Pathfinder til the first Sat in January.  Hope you guys still get together and do something, either at Terry's house or at the store.  Maybe this would be a good weekend to go see the new Star Wars.  Anyhow, have a happy New Years and see you in the new year. 

I would love to do something...anything really. Maybe Terry will have a New Years Eve party and we can watch the ball drop on his TV. :D
I wasn't planning on hosting this week because you guys weren't going to be around. I won't know if my plans for Sat are canceled until Friday night after work. I'll let you know when I get home Friday night.

I normally spend new years at Eli's, but this year one of his extended family members is going to die soon (cancer), so he might not be able to host new years this year.
Hey guys, if you want to go see Star Wars, I'm going to Linthicum on Sat at 1 PM. Hope you can make it.
Thanks for the info - hopefully, I can make it, too.
Can someone post the theater name, I'll try to be there.

I'll cook soup for anyone who wants to come to my place after.
It is the Hoyt's Cinema 14 on West Nursery Rd.

I'll try to make both places, but no guarantees, at least for the first one.
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