Monday, October 10, 2016

Saturday, Oct 15th

Ok, so we had an interesting fight this past session.  We killed everything, but almost got buried alive when the place started collapsing.  It was a rough start to the fight, but, the fight was long (time wise, not round wise) and it got weird at times, but, now we get to go fight dragons.

Kevin said he will not be able to run this week.  I believe Curtis might be running, as long as he shows up.  He borrowed some of Terry's books for 40k so he could do some prep on our fights against alien(?) tanks.

Who can be there??

I'll be there, but I have an Otakon meeting that day, but, it isn't going to be one of those special ones that I need to be there til the end. Plus, it is at a hotel right off of 100 and 295, so will be easy for me to leave and head to Terry's.
Tacos/burritos again.
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