Monday, September 26, 2016

Saturday, Oct 1st

Ok, once again Kevin has said that he would be out this week.  So, we are looking at either Terry or Curtis running things.  I know Terry has said that his parents come home on this day and he will have to go and pick them up, but he isn't sure when that will be.  Maybe one of us or all of us needs to get there early so we aren't guessing as to when Terry will be back.

Who will be there and do you think you can get there early or not?

I'll be there. I don't have to work so I can get there whenever. If you need me there much earlier than 3 ish, just let me know and I'll make arrangements to wake up earlier and get things done around the apartment sooner.
Sorry for not posting last night.
My parents bus is supposed to arrive at 5:30, so I'll need to head out around 5:00 and will be back a little after 6:00. When I run we usually don't play until after dinner anyways, so it will cut play time a little bit since I'll serve dinner after I get back with my parents.

Bell Pepper soup for dinner again.
Parents arriving early, I won't be back until 3pm.
Another change of plans, make that 3:30 pm
Will be out this week and next.
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