Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Sat the 3rd

Hey Guys,

So the party finally makes it into the Tower of House Gullion and finds  -- all sorts of weirdness. Cheetah sharks, Stinkosaurus Rex, and guards with poisonous tails.  But the party overcomes the aberrant monstrosities and is now ready to continue the assault, err ascent, of the Tower.

Alright, this week I will be out, so somebody else will get a turn to run.  I know Matt is out as well, but  have fun whoever else shows up.

Next, I'm off the night of Labor Day, just wanted to know if anybody wants to do anything.  Terry probably has plans and I think Matt will be away, but I'm going to be at the store @3-4.  Hope to see you there, let you know if my plans change.

I will be there on Saturday. I'll try to get there earlier than my normal time because I don't have work.

As for Monday, it seems my stupid work does not classify Labor Day as a holiday, so I have to work from 5 pm to 10 pm. So, will not be able to get together with anybody at the store.
Hey guys, check out this information I just ran across:
Beef and chicken for dinner is the plan again.

Sorry, last minute change of plans. I won't make it to the store today, so see you guys on Saturday. Might be able to finish up this module, so be ready.
Bummer - well, you can blow everyone up next week then - yeah!
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