Monday, July 11, 2016

Saturday, July 16th

Ok, as of last Saturday, Kevin said that he will not be around to run on this Saturday.  He has some family stuff to do.  So, we have either Terry or Curtis running, unless someone else has something they want to run.  Or it was discussed playing board games or watching movies.  Who will be there?

Also, that Saturday is the day that I'm moving all my furniture to my new apartment.  We could really use some help to make things go a little faster.  As of right now, there is two of us, with a possible third, but not sure when he will be getting there.  My uncle wants to start at 8 am (for obvious reasons, like heat), but I told him that most of you guys don't get out of bed until much later (I usually do when I'm off work).  If you are going to show up and help, please let me know as soon as possible and around what time you plan on arriving at my house, so I can make sure someone is there.  We have at least one confirmed pickup truck, but it doesn't have a large bed.  A second one should be coming, and it has at least an 8 ft bed.  If the weather turns to rain (which it currently isn't predicting) or we don't get the other pickup truck large, I will have to get a U-Haul truck.  Text/call me at 443-679-6116, email me at or post it here.  I'll post my two addresses below:

8279 Portsmouth Dr.
Severn, MD  21144

Sherwood Crossing
6817 Old Waterloo Rd
Apt# 1011
Elkridge, MD  21075

Oh, if things go well, I should be able to show up for whatever gaming we decide to do. I would like to be given a heads up on which game we are doing so I can make sure that if need be, I can create a new character before hand and bring the appropriate book(s).
I can't speak for when others may be able to get there; for me, it's unlikely I'll be there at 8, but I will try to get there and help as soon as I can. Note that I'm not volunteering for any heavy lifting; you'd need somebody younger and in shape for that.

I talked with Dwight and Curtis, and the question came up regarding if everything would be packed by Saturday so it would come down to just moving boxes, so that's a question worth answering, IMHO.
Haven't bought dinner yet, so don't know what we're having. I'm thinking pepper soup again so it can just be cooking when you guys get here, but it also depends on what meat looks good when I'm shopping (hopefully tomorrow). Hopefully Curtis would like to run Only War the weekend...

If we're playing my game; your characters are 9th level. Your plan was to head out to the sea battle to attempt to stop any ships that might make it through the boat-graveyard without a guide and unload giant armies on the docks... you don't know why they just don't land on some unguarded shore away from the city and march, it would definitely be more effective than their current plans appear to be. As you prepare to leave in the morning without discussing the details of you plans (you don't want anyone to know the casts in your portable hole), you get a quick pep-talk from your escortee who reminds you about the deal the city has with The Citadel, so the more loot brought in, the more you get to keep and the more the city can sell to rebuild (there will also be a glut of items on the market), and that somewhere on the water right now is a boat carrying druid negotiators you were originally supposed to greet and escort back to The Citadel. He also tells you about his plan to take some rank-and-file to the Starwatch Keep to relieve the current soldiers there (its a place of constant fighting for some reason).

Just before you head out the captain of the guard summarizes the morning report for you; boats are lining up and troops are preparing to defend the docks from the giants with confusing tactics, saboteurs sent out last night have not returned yet, so be on the lookout for evidence of their demise. As you get ready to leave (again), the spotters on the roof cry out that multiple boats have lifted out of the water and appear to be able to cross the graveyard, they should be at the docks in about ten minutes.

OOC note: To complete mythic trials through combat, battles need to be epic stories, battles of legend that a bard wouldn't' have to embellish to keep a crowd fascinated.
... the casks in your portable hole...
Matt, as far as boxes go, I've been packing up boxes every day and been taking them over in my car. I bring back some boxes/containers that I'll re-use to pack more stuff in them. The main thing for Saturday is to get the furniture moved. I'll also be packing boxes/containers on Saturday to take over as well as my electronic stuff and software and clothes. So, call me when you know you will be coming over as we could be on the road to or from the house or at the apartment unloading stuff. Right now everything is just play it by ear. Who knows, might just have people helping me pack boxes/containers as they are brought back from the apartment.
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